Stray Dogs Funeral: Pack Of Strays Attend Funeral For 71-Year-Old ‘Animal Lover’

Stray dogs attended a funeral in Mexico, showing up to wish a woman farewell. According to ABC News, Margarita Suárez spent many years of her life giving stray dogs and cats love and attention (and food). When the 71-year-old passed away after a long battle with illness, several dogs showed up at her funeral service, and gathered around her casket.

The dogs, however, were not the ones that Suárez cared for. You see, her funeral was over 800 miles away from her home, which means that the dogs that were in attendance didn’t even know the woman.

Stray dogs funeral
Stray dogs at Margarita Suarez’s funeral

“They stayed with my mother all day, and then at night they all stayed — but in the morning all the dogs vanished but one, but one hour before we brought my mom to be cremated the dogs came back and grouped around as if to say goodbye. I swear by God that it was beautiful, marvelous,” said Suárez’s daughter, Patricia Urrutia.

The stray dogs at the funeral may have had some sort of “otherworldly” sense about Suárez. According to Mail Online, people couldn’t even believe what had been happening. Evidently this sort of thing hasn’t happened before, and it really did seem like these dogs had a sixth sense about this woman, who had been so kind to strays for much of her life.

“Family members were stunned when the dogs suddenly appeared at the funeral parlor where Margarita’s body was being kept. Workers at the funeral home denied any knowledge of the animals and said they had never seen them before. Realizing that the animals had come to pay their respects to Margarita, the staff allowed the dogs to come in and they laid peacefully on the floor near the woman’s coffin.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a wild bird also flew into the funeral service before Suárez’s casket was removed. The bird (which was not native to that area) reportedly perched near the casket, and began tweeting a melody — another odd occurrence. All of the animals left the premises when Suárez’s body was removed for cremation.

The stray dogs attended the March 15 funeral of Margarita Suárez, and the story has been picking up steam on the internet ever since. Thousands of people have read about this story, and it seems clear that these animals knew that Suárez was quite a special lady.

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