Van Halen Proves Old Guys Still Rock On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ [Video]

David Lee Roth displayed his mad microphone stand twirling skills, and Eddie Van Halen proved he is still one of rock’s guitar gods as Van Halen made their television reunion debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night.

Joined by original drummer Alex Van Halen and Eddie’s 24-year-old son Wolfgang, the band performed on Kimmel’s late night show in front of a crowd of nearly 6,000 including celebrities such as Eddie Van Halen‘s ex and Wolfgang’s mother Valerie Bertinelli and Modern Family actor Eric Stonestreet. Stonestreet posted a hilarious video on Instagram showing his obscured view as Bertinelli rocked out to Van Halen’s unaired performance of “You Really Got Me.”

Van Halen’s long awaited performance wasn’t without it’s glitches last night, however. Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth suffered a minor injury when he took a microphone to the schnoz early into the band’s set. The band’s performance stopped momentarily so Roth could seek medical attention and then Roth, the sentinel showman, returned with a bandaid covering his nose and the Van Halen show went on. Kimmel aired the Van Halen classics “Panama” and “Runnin’ With the Devil.”

Watch Van Halen’s “Panama” here:

The television appearance comes on the heels of the release of Van Halen’s new album, Tokyo Dome Live. Van Halen‘s television appearances and three-month tour were outlined earlier in the week by the Inquisitr. This tour is a reboot of the previously planned but cancelled 2012 Van Halen reunion.

Van Halen hit the rock scene in the late 70’s, but reached their fame peak in the 80s thanks to MTV, Roth’s aerial moves and raspy voice, and Eddie Van Halen’s masterful guitar play. The band’s debut Van Halen and ever popular 1984 albums reached the Recording Industry Association of America’s coveted diamond certification indicating more than 10 million copies were sold, showing Van Halen has the chops to generate the income but, it’s been the band’s other issues that have kept it from its continued turn in the limelight.

Medical issues sidelined band founder, Eddie Van Halen with a past hip replacement and digestive problems. To top it off, brothers Eddie and Alex Van Halen have been the only two constants of the band when inter-band fighting caused the dismissal of David Lee Roth who was replaced first by Sammy Hagar and then for a short tenure by Extreme lead singer Gary Cherone. Van Halen’s biggest successes, however, were always under the vocal stylings of David Lee Roth.

Though tensions between Roth and the Van Halen brothers constantly derailed past reunion attempts, it seems Van Halen is willing to give it another go and Van Halen fans who have waited decades for the reunion are keeping their fingers crossed.

What do you think Van Halen fans? Will the band make it through the tour?

[Image courtesy of The Wrap]