$200 Shoes That Let You Snap iPhone Selfies Go On Sale

You may have been surprised enough when you first heard about the “selfie stick,” a device which allows you to picture yourself from a short distance, but what about some “selfie shoes”!

It was only a matter of time before somebody came up with the idea, and in this case that somebody was a US shoe brand called Miz Mooz. There is a docking port in the toe of the $200 shoe which has a a toe-activated sensor on the inner sole.

Many fashionistas took to social media to express the fact they thought the shoe was an April Fool’s prank and not real. As One Twitter user commented, “We live in a joke of a world #selfieshoe (sic),” another user Tweeted, one person wrote “The selfie shoe is a joke people. It’s absolutely a joke.”

As well as the impracticality of lifting one’s leg high enough to snap a selfie, if a woman were wearing a skirt it would render the device totally useless.

Nevertheless, a spokesperson for Miz Mooz confirmed that the shoes are very much real, and offer a solution for people who don’t want to carry around a selfie stick.

As Miz Mooz Director of Design Cheryl Matson said, “In thinking about bringing innovation to our shoes, we asked ourselves, ‘How do we take the everyday comfort and convenience our consumers have come to love about our footwear to the next step?’”

Matson continued that, “Another great thing about the selfie shoes is that you no longer have to use your arm, so both hands are now free to be in the photo.”

With the recent widespread ban on selfie sticks, at concerts, festivals and even museums, the new shoes do indeed offer a solution for those who are addicted to selfies.

Miz Mooz’s chief innovation officer Andrew Fried, said, “With wearable devices becoming an inevitable trend, we think the design opportunities for us will be endless.”

[Image credit: Entrepreneur.com]