‘The Voice’ Knockouts: Who Shocked Christina Out Of Her Final Steal?

The Voice knockouts came to a close last night. Going into the final round, there was much anticipation over Christina Aguilera’s cherished one and only steal. She made it clear she was holding out for something that totally shocked her. While there were a few occasions where she was tempted to use it, she knew what she was looking for. She finally found it during the very last performance of the knockouts.

The final pairing of the Knockout Rounds came from Adam Levine’s team. He pitted soulful family-man Joshua Davis against 17-year-old pop singer Lexi Davila. First up was Joshua, with his emotional version of “Arms of a Woman,” by Amos Lee. Davis — who’s been singing locally for 14 years, according to the Lansing State Journal — dedicated his performance to his wife. He lovingly acknowledged all of her support and sacrifices over the years, which have allowed him to follow his dream.

During Joshua’s rehearsal, Adam and mentor Nate Ruess advised him to keep the song low-key to maintain the sincerity of the song. Nate pointed out that Joshua doesn’t need to push it in order to make a statement, saying the soothing mellowness of his voice is his strong point. Joshua did not disappoint during his heartfelt performance. His wife beamed from the audience with baby in tow.

Lexi chose “Anything Could Happen,” by Ellie Goulding. She probably didn’t realize how true those words would become at the end of the night. During her rehearsal, Lexi discussed how she has had to overcome insecurity and shyness during her journey on The Voice. She was thrilled to say, since working with Adam and the mentors, that all her shyness has melted away. And it showed. She broke completely out of her shell, and had both Adam and Nate on their feet in shock. While they knew she was a great singer, they had no idea what she had been hiding. She selected the perfect song to show off her new-found confidence and vocals, stunning the coaches with her performance.

Adam had a difficult decision to make, but in the end, both Lexi and Joshua came out on top. Joshua won the knockout, but Lexi shocked Christina out of that one last steal. She shed tears of joy backstage, claiming she thought she was going home. She later exclaimed her excitement on her Facebook page, saying how honored she was by the experience.

“Pharrell stood up for me during my performance! Such an honor! And now I’m on team Xtina!!! So excited for the live playoffs!!!!!”

The other Voice hopefuls who made it through are Tonya Boyd, Brook Adee, India Carhey, Lowell Oakley, and Rob Taylor. The Live playoffs begin tonight, as the remaining contestants fight for the big win, and fan votes finally come into play. Is your favorite still in the game?

Watch The Voice Live shows kick off tonight on NBC at 7 CT/8 ET.

[Image by Tyler Golden/NBC]