Addicted To Cheating? This Couple Just Can’t Stop Cheating On Each Other

We’ve all heard stories about infidelity in relationships. Cheating is nothing new. In most cases, one spouse is cheating and the other is oblivious. Then, there have been other cases where both spouses are found to be cheating on each other. However, one couple has taken cheating to a whole new level. Apparently, they’ve cheated on each other numerous times each.

Paul and Jess have been together for quite some time. They even insist they’d like to get married one day. However, there’s just one problem – neither of them can stop cheating on each other.

According to Mirror Online, the couple recently appeared on the UK’s The Jeremy Kyle Show where they openly discussed their seemingly bizarre relationship issues. After they both failed a lie detector test, Kyle opened the door for a discussion about their infidelity. Surprisingly, both clarified that they do not consider themselves to be in an open relationship and they definitely aren’t swingers, But, unfortunately, they just can’t control their wondering eyes and promiscuity. Paul started things off by sharing details about a number of his affairs. Then, Jess appeared and revealed brief details about her cheating spell.

Here’s an excerpt of their admissions.

“I’ve done things as well. Intercourse three times, sexual contact, one passionate kiss,” Paul admitted. “I’ve got a nervous grin. The last time [I cheated] was about eight months ago when we were on a break. She’s my first love,” he said. “I love her to bits.”

“I think he’s a laughing stock. I cheated on him years and years ago,” Jess said. “I do love him yeah. But things need to change.”

Although both Paul and Jess desire to change, its unclear whether either of them will. Apparently, this appearance wasn’t their first. It has been reported that they’ve appeared on the show a total of three times for the same issue. Hopefully, this visit leads to some form of resolve. Only time will tell.

Do you think Paul and Jess should stay together? Or call it quits and move on? Share your thoughts.

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