Woman Lost More Than 50 Pounds After Reading Boyfriend’s Text Calling Her ‘Massive’

A 21-year-old woman was prompted into action after she read a text on her boyfriend’s cellphone calling her “massive.”

When Amy Jones, from Cheshire in the UK, read the text she was mortified and decided then and there to get her life in order and embarked on a strict new diet and exercise plan.

Having spiralled to 210 pounds, Amy knew that something had to be done, especially as her boyfriend hid the fact that he had an issue with her weight from her.

Her new life meant she was able to lose over 50 pounds, having dropped inches of flab from her belly.

As Amy told reporters, “It had always been a pretty volatile relationship and we did argue a lot. But my boyfriend was always very supportive when it came to my weight. He always said that I looked fantastic and he liked me with a fuller figure when I asked him if I should lose weight.”

Despite that, Amy said she knew that her weight was getting out of control, “I was reassured by his comments even though I knew that I was getting out of shape. The reason why I had got so much fatter was because I had moved in with him. He was a body builder who was down the gym all the time. I would basically eat the same meals as him and then not go down the gym.”

It’s not that Amy blamed her boyfriend for the diet she kept, or for the lack of exercise she had, but when she saw a picture of herself she was devastated,

As she added, “I cried when I saw the picture next to the tractor. I was so badly out of shape, almost as big as the tractor! I had always been curvy but what was worrying was how much weight I was showing on my legs. I thought, ‘This is not me – this is not who I want to be.’”

While she knew deep down that she had to do something, Amy said that reading the text message was the last straw, “The text message was the final straw but things had been rocky before then. We split up but actually stayed friends afterwards. I don’t harbour any grudge about the text message.

For now, Amy’s weight loss is remarkable, and she intends to lose another few pounds so she looks even better.

[Image credit: simplesignal.com]