Bad Trip: Marijuana Easter Cakes Cause Havoc At Norwegian School

Two teenagers in Norway were arrested after bringing marijuana Easter cakes to school. This is probably not the best way to celebrate a religious holiday, as it turned out.

Apparently the cakes contained massive doses of the drug, causing three teachers to suffer from food poisoning. Medical help was needed to treat the teachers at Lier Upper Secondary School.

According to RT News, it seems the teenagers were involved in a prank, which only came to light when some of the teachers and other employees at the school starting experiencing strange symptoms. Arne Lauvålien, head of the local police, told the local NRK broadcaster that they apparently had difficulty staying on their feet and felt completely “out of it.”

“They felt ill. They were dizzy and felt totally out of it. They were basically bedridden.”

It took a while to find out the source of their ailment, and it was only when the hospital ran blood tests that it was discovered the teachers were literally poisoned by the huge doses of the drug in the marijuana Easter cakes.

According to the Local, it was then that they realized the Easter cakes were the source of the problem. In an interview with Lauvålien, he said the story began to unravel.

“When we began to unravel it, it became clear quite rapidly which of the cakes it had been. The school knew who had baked the special cake, so we were on the trail of the cake bakers relatively early.”

The two teens who had taken the marijuana Easter cakes to school to share with their classmates were arrested the next day and charged with possession of marijuana. Both of them admitted guilt, saying they had filled the cakes with the marijuana.

However the prank could become a more serious issue, as a colleague at the school, Finn Håvard Aas, told the media the teens may face the more serious charges of poisoning the teachers with the marijuana Easter cakes.

The local police are questioning the students to find out where they obtained the marijuana and also what gave them the idea to drug both their classmates and the teachers.

According to Lauvålien, this was a case of teenagers having a bit of fun, who didn’t think of the possible consequences of their actions.

“This has had major consequences for the teachers, so we are taking this very seriously. The teachers have actually been poisoned.”

While in Norway it is illegal to possess, sell, transport and cultivate marijuana, the Inquisitr reported recently the U.S. was supposed to legalize marijuana nationwide on March 25, but that this has now been postponed until April.

[Image: CC BY-ND 2.0 Katheirne Hitt]

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