‘A.D. The Bible’ Cast And Crew Saw Large Cross In Sky During Filming In Morocco

As the cast and crew of A.D. The Bible were filming the sequel to The Bible in Morocco, which will begin to air on Easter Sunday and picks up immediately after the resurrection of Christ, they were amazed to see a cloud form in the shape of a very large cross in a brilliant blue sky, according to Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, the husband and wife team that is producing the ten-hour mini-series. The goosebumps-on-your-arm event happened during a very profound part in the depiction of Peter and John in front of the Sanhedrin — an event that can be found in Acts 4 in the Bible — when Adam Levy, who plays Peter the upcoming miniseries, looked into the sky and saw the cross, Roma said.

“There they could see clouds had formed in a completely blue sky in the perfect shape of a cross. Everyone was stunned and filming stopped, as iPhones came out and everyone was snapping pictures. It certainly energized a tired, hardworking crew for the rest of the day and reminded everyone that we were being watched over as we are working hard to bring the Book of Acts to the screen.”


According to the Blaze, Roma called it a “moment of awe” in which all members of the cast and crew felt the cross was a sign and a blessing, and they were greatly encouraged to continue filming. Roma said that she showed the image to a popular theologian and pastor, Joel Hunter, who quickly connected the formation of the cross with a passage in the Bible, astonishingly from the book of Acts. The verse appears in Acts 2:19, where the prophet Joel promises that wonders will be seen in the world.

“I will show wonders in the heavens above and signs on the earth below, blood and fire and billows of smoke.”

The series premiere begins April 5 and will run for 10 consecutive weeks, bringing to life the words of the Bible after Jesus returns to Heaven following His resurrection, and how his disciples continue to share his word, are greatly persecuted, and unearths the very inception of Christianity. This is a unique miniseries, as almost all made-for-TV movies depicting the Bible have centered upon the 33 years that Christ walked the earth, according to the Bible. The story is much better known of his birth in a stable, the miracles he performed, his gathering of disciples, his teachings and persecution, and finally his death by crucifixion at the hand of Pontius Pilate, in which he returns from the dead three days later to appear briefly to his disciples to encourage and strengthen them. The persecution, death, and resurrection of Jesus is sometimes referred to as “The Passion.”

The years that follow are not nearly as discussed as those events, but also have significant lessons to teach and stories to tell. While the first miniseries “The Bible” was a smash hit on TV, the movie that summarized the series didn’t fare nearly as well at the theater, nor with film critics. Critics have already given accolades to the upcoming second part miniseries, which will air on NBC.

[Photo credit to Roma Downey]