Zelda Williams Weighs In On The Williams’ Will Dispute By Speaking Out On Instragram

The Williams’ will dispute has taken another turn, with Robin Williams daughter, Zelda, now wading into the thick of it. Recently, it has been reported that the widow of comedian Robin Willams, Susan Schneider, has filed a lawsuit against his children from previous marriages, Zachary, Zelda, and Cody, in relation to the division of assets between the four. Perez Hilton claims the Williams’ will dispute has reached the courts, with attorneys from both sides meeting at a San Francisco courthouse on Monday. However, it has been reported by the Associated Press that the attorneys are now trying to settle the Williams’ will dispute outside of the court system.

Papers filed in December of 2014 state the Williams’ will dispute has arisen over the ownership of property belonging to Robin Williams. The claims include whether or not items within Williams and Schneider’s Tiburon home (in which the actor took his own life last year) belong to Schneider and who is the rightful owner of Williams’ memorabilia and merchandise. Schneider is also claiming some items have been taken by Williams’ children without her consent.

Robin Williams’ daughter, Zelda, who has been active on Instagram after her father’s sad death back in August last year, has decided to clear up some of the facts in relation to the legal proceedings with a statement.

My attempt to correct hurtful gossip with fact, however futile that may be. Thank you for reading. Xo

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Whether this statement will affect the outcome of the Williams’ will dispute is yet to be seen. While this is the only public statement Zelda has made so far in relation to the dispute, the attorney defending the three children, Meredith Bushnell, has hoped the Williams’ will dispute could be cleared up quickly.

“We would like to see this wrapped up as soon as possible, so they can move on with their lives and continue the grieving process.”

Attorney for Schneider, Jim Wagstaffe, has stated that he would like to see the issues at the center of the Williams’ will dispute be settled as amicably as possible but has also stated that a judge might have to decide on behalf of the grieving family members just what constitutes memorabilia in this case.

On top of all this, Andrew Bassak, an attorney for the trustees overlooking the Williams’ estate, has stated that Williams gave the trustees absolute discretion over how his assets would be divided. This would imply that a judge and the legal proceedings are null and void over the Williams’ will dispute.

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