Robin Williams’ Wife And Kids Clashing In Court Over His Knick-Knacks

Robin Williams’ third wife is bickering with his three adult children in court over knick-knacks and memorabilia, like Mrs. Doubtfire movie posters and the actor’s suspenders from Mork & Mindy.

The sticking point is semantics, namely over which items Robin Williams – who committed suicide at age 63 last August – meant his children and their stepmother, Susan Schneider, to have, the Daily News reported.

Williams’ children were apparently bequeathed their father’s movie-related memorabilia and awards and a variety of other possessions. Zelda, 25, Zachary, 31, and Cody Williams, 23, have accused their stepmother of taking her sweet time going through said memorabilia, jewelry and other items, “for her benefit,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

The Williams children contend that any item that “fueled his creativity” belong to them. Their petition to the court said as much.

“These collections were carefully amassed by Mr. Williams over his lifetime and were precious to him. As the Williams children grew, so did their father’s collections and they shared in their father’s excitement as additions were made to his collection.”

In total, there are 975 contentious objects in Robin Williams’ estate. His widow has stated in court documents that “knick-knacks and other items not associated with his famous persona” should be hers,” but items related to her late husband’s films are not. She also accuses Zelda, Zachary and Cody of taking stuff from a home in Tiburon without her permission, added NBC News.

There is also some argument over possession the late actor’s stuff according to what house said stuff was kept in. Schneider wants Robin’s belongings from the couple’s San Francisco home to be off-limits to his kids. She claims he only wanted them to have stuff from a home he owned in Napa.

Naturally, Zachary, Zelda and Cody Williams are none-too-happy with their step-mother’s semantic arguments and court room wrangling, saying her legal actions are “adding insult to a terrible injury” because she’s trying to change the trust William’s wrote for them.

All of this will be heard before a probate judge, but Robin Williams’ trustees claim that Schneider is raising an argument without legs. And she is essentially going against her husband’s wishes by raising a stink about the trust’s contents. It may not matter – the “who gets what” argument could be up to the trustees alone, added the Times.

Besides, Schneider already has a trust of her own, according to the International Business Times. In it, Robin Williams provided his third wife with the couple’s home and included provisions to cover daily expenses plus improvements.

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