Terrified Florida Mother Finds Naked Man In Bed With Her 10-Year-Old Son [Video]

A man named Ernest Reed Johnson was arrested on Sunday morning by Tampa Bay, Florida, law enforcement officials following a rather startling accusation. After police responded to a burglary at 4:34 a.m. near N. 22nd Street and E. Rampart, they were told by the resident that she’d discovered an adult male lying in bed with her 10-year-old son. The surprised mother soon realized that the burglar wasn’t wearing any clothing.

“I just saw him in the bed [naked].”

The frightened suspect, who was later identified as Johnson, escaped by jumping out of the same window through which he’d gained entry into the home. With the help of a K-9 unit, the police were able to track down Ernest and make an arrest. WPTV reports that Reed was found at around 8:30 a.m., nearly four hours after the police were contacted. Johnson faces multiple charges, including lewd and lascivious molestation. He was also charged with the possession of burglar tools which he used to break into the Florida home.

While this case is frightening, it is unfortunately not as rare as one would hope. As with Ernest Reed Johnson, Florida native Bryan Patrice was arrested for a nude crime involving a child. Patrice was allegedly found naked by police in his bathroom attempting to drown his infant daughter in the sink. He faced charges of battery and attempted second-degree murder.

Another naked offender was arrested after he went on a rampage through Boston’s Logan Airport. His bizarre antics included crashing through the ceiling of the ladies’ room and assaulting an elderly man.

As for Ernest Reed, authorities shared that the 25-year-old Tampa Bay man has no record related to child molestation. Johnson also isn’t in any of the sex offender databases in the state. Despite this, it’s not unusual for men like Ernest Reed Johnson to be accused of child molestation and convicted, only for it to be revealed that they had numerous victims.

The most infamous case of this in recent years was the Penn State child molestation scandal involving dozens of children. What made this case so controversial was that the offender, Jerry Sandusky, was allegedly protected from prosecution and arrest by Penn State.

Luckily for the Florida mom who made the horrifying discovery over the weekend, there was no one getting in the way of her family and the safety of her son. Ernest Reed Johnson was booked at the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s office and remains in police custody.

[Image Credit: Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office]

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