Kathrin Goldbach, Girlfriend Of Germanwings Co-Pilot Who Crashed Plane, Might Be Expecting His Baby

More things are being revealed about co-pilot Andreas Lubitz, who has been accused of crashing Germanwings Flight 9525 last Tuesday. In the aftermath of the crash, investigators are trying to find out everything they can about Lubitz to determine a motive for causing the crash. Everything about his mental health is being examined. The New York Post reported on Sunday that Lubitz had a girlfriend, and she is pregnant with his child.

Kathrin Goldbach, a 26-year-old secondary school teacher, told her students two weeks ago that she was pregnant, and she was planning to marry Lubitz. However, the day before the Germanwings airplane crash, Goldbach told Lubitz, 27, she was moving out of the apartment they shared in Dusseldorf, Germany. Goldbach cited his insecurity and controlling personality as reasons for her decision. Goldbach also believed Lubitz had been seeing another woman. She accused him of having a five-month relationship with a Germanwings stewardess.

Lubitz and Goldbach had been dating since they were teenagers, and they had lived together for at least four years. Over the years, their relationship had been rocky, but it wasn’t until last Monday that Goldbach decided to make a break from Lubitz.

Newsmax reported that Goldbach’s friends said she was leaving Lubitz because she could no longer live with him because of his erratic behavior. Goldbach had been vocal about the way he treated her. Her friends said Goldbach told them Lubitz tried to order her about what to wear, and who she could and could not talk to.

It was said that when Goldbach heard about Germanwings’ crash, she left Germany and went to France, believing her estranged boyfriend was one of the victims. She was horrified when she was told that Lubitz had been the one to cause the tragedy. After hearing about the crash, Goldbach told reporters that Lubitz once said he would do something so the whole world would know his name and remember him.

There seems to be many questions that will be answered as the investigation continues. Is Kathrin Goldbach really pregnant? If so, what are her plans now? Will there be a stigma attached to her and her baby because the father is accused of killing 150 people, including himself? Will Kathrin Goldbach feel guilty for telling Lubitz that she was leaving him? Will the families of the victims blame Kathrin for the tragedy since it happened soon after her decision to leave Lubitz?

[Image via New York Post]

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