The Latest Audi A6 Drives Like A Super Model But Dresses Like Your Dad

I love all that is Audi, with a little Vorsprung durch Technik, what else can a petrol head want in a saloon car. But seriously, with all that torque and sex appeal why is the Audi A6 dressed like my dad?

I wonder if its is because only dads can afford the Audi A6 and I might be onto something but its nearest competitor the Jaguar XF can cut a dashing silver fox style line, with little effort.

I still prefer the Audi A6 in terms of driver satisfaction, yet I am struggling to get past the weighty back end, partnered with a exaggerated front grill and almost Rover 75, body styling.

It’s not like Audi can’t show off and the Audi A6 in particular is an excellent motor with some nice added extras and upgrades in the 2015 model that include: enhanced 4.0-litre TFSI 450PS V8 engine, capable of 0-62mph in just 4.4 seconds in S6 Saloon and 4.6 seconds in S6 Avant.

The Audi A6 can also boast innovations like cylinder-on-demand technology that detects different driving styles and adapts engine output accordingly, enhanced radar based side safety systems that check the rear before you change lanes and optional night vision.

Other technical highlights include the debut of glass-reinforced plastic coil springs on the 2.0-litre diesel estate model, which saves 1.1kg a corner with no loss of performance or longevity, as reported by Andrew English of the Telegraph.

Unlike the R8, the much loved and show stopping sibling, that drips with uber cool design and exquisite styling, this Audi A6 would struggle to be sexy.

Having said all that, the elegance of the original, Audi A6 launched in 1994 as an upgraded and revamp of the 100, is still reflected through the impeccable finish and quality interiors, with miles of space in the long body that stretches to almost 5 meters.

Even though this Audi A6 can not be called a head turner, it will always appeal to your dad and that uncle who still sports the occasional hanky in his suit pocket.

If you are going to invest in an Audi A6 and you want to feel a bit more sex appeal, I might consider an upgrade to the S6 version.

This model just sweeps over the weighty styling in the lower priced range and speaks a language of power and sophistication all of its own.

This upgrade does have a heftier price tag but this version of the Audi A6 carries itself with a lot more silver fox and delivers that little extra something, worthy of the Vorsprung durch Technik strap line.

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