Ex-Girlfriend Michel’le Confesses She Was Beat By Dr. Dre

Producer and former N.W.A group member Dr. Dre has been accused of domestic abuse by ex-girlfriend Michel’le. The VH1 R&B Divas reality star has a child with Dr. Dre, who is now 24-years-old. In a recent interview with Madame Noire, Miche’le claims that Dr. Dre beat her, shot a gun at her, and left her with a child whom he failed to financially support.

In the tell-all interview, Michel’le explains her relationship from the very beginning of her pregnancy. She, reportedly, discovered that she was with child while touring with MC Hammer and had to leave the road show to give birth. Apparently, the strain on her career was not as serious as the strain on her relationship, which was caused by Dr. Dre’s absence in the home.

“It became more strained because he was able to get up and just go where I couldn’t do that anymore. I couldn’t follow him anymore. And I think it became more disrespectful because then, if you’re not there, somebody else will be.”

Michel’le believes that Dre’s infidelity began as a result of her having a child and needing to stay at home. After all, he had previously impregnated two other women before her, a total of five children, and left each of them as well. Still with that knowledge, Michel’le admitted that she blamed herself for the lack of success in their relationship. She reportedly remained in the relationship, even after Dr. Dre had two more children with other women. According Dre’s scorned ex, he had to do a lot more before she could see the light.

Finally getting to the juice, Michel’le admitted that she’d been given a black eye five times throughout the relationship, according to TMZ. To Michel’le, none of them were quite as frightening as the night Dr. Dre tried to shoot her with a gun. In the interview, she was asked to explain the events leading to the incident.

“… one night we was arguing, he went and got the gun and I just made it through the bathroom door and he shot at me and missed me by this (holds up measurement fingers) much. He shot at me. And you know what I did? I left the bullet in the hole. It was in the door and then it went through the side of the wall in the bathroom and I left it there for a while, just so he could see it. But he never tried to shoot me anymore. Thank God. [all sic]”

After the shooting, Michel’le still did not leave Dre. She continued to be involved with him on and off as he had more children with more women and even when he married someone else. Michel’le finally gave up after over a decade of abuse and dysfunction. After the relationship ended, Michel’le reportedly sued Dr. Dre for child support.

[Image via Billboard]