Selfie Sticks Concerts: Hot Trend Takes A Turn As Selfie Takers Called Out As Narcissists

Selfie sticks have been banned from concerts in the U.S. this spring/summer. According to Value Walk, selfie sticks will not be permitted inside the gates at Coachella in California (April 10-12) and at Lollapalozza in Chicago (July 31-August 2). While some people thought that the actual “wand” that holds a person’s cell phone could potentially be used as a weapon, it seems as though some are just tired of the trend altogether.

“This weekend, after selling out the festival in the blink of an eye, the Lollapalooza web site stated ‘GoPro Inc. attachments like sticks, selfie sticks & monopods’ will be banned. Coachella’s statement, however, goes a step further in attacking the narcissistic issue, saying on its website that clearly ‘No selfie sticks/Narsisstics’ are permitted to dampen the cool of the moment,” reports Value Walk.

Bringing selfie sticks to concerts is a great way for people to take pictures of themselves because they are able to fit more background into the frame. However, some find this annoying, and don’t want to deal with their view being obstructed because of someone’s phone up in the air.

According to Mail Online, there are several other strange items that have been banned by each respective music festival, but most people are upset about the selfie stick rule.

“Coachella also prohibits blankets, chairs, flags, hula hoops, marker pens, stuffed animals and umbrellas on its list. Lollapalooza, meanwhile, allows festival-goers to bring blankets, sheets, towels, hand-held umbrellas and cameras for personal use. However, it bans chairs, bicycles, tents and large hiking backpacks.”

It’s unknown if selfie sticks will be allowed at other concerts in the country, but many people feel as though the whole selfie trend has really gotten out of control. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, social media went crazy over women posting selfies with New York’s East Village explosion behind them. Some people feel that enough is enough and that people should have some respect when it comes to taking selfies.

Another place that causes selfie-controversy is the 9/11 memorial in New York. Tons of visitors pose for photos in front of the waterfalls, many grouping together with friends and smiling. What do you make of this?

[Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images]