Zayn Malik Officially Cut From One Direction Tour Footage

Only a week after Zayn Malik announced his departure from worldwide sensation boy band One Direction, his video footage, shown shortly before each concert, has been completely deleted. If the former boy bander’s exit hasn’t quite hit home yet, this might just be the sinker.

Prior to each One Direction concert, a short video, featuring each singer’s face, flashes across several massive screens, set up on the stadium stage. The footage typically sends concert-goers into a frenzy, especially when their favorite guy briefly appears up-close.

Zayn’s part in the video, which was featured prior to each concert on the band’s current On the Road Again tour, is now completely removed, driving home the fact that he will no longer continue with the other four boys on the tour.

Although One Direction is not quite the same without Zayn’s impressive high notes, the other four are trying their best to take over his parts, which is sometimes met with success, and sometimes not.

Recently, Harry Styles attempted to take over Zayn’s part on “Diana,” a track from the band’s third album, Midnight Memories. An embarrassed Styles wasn’t quite able to hit the powerful notes that Zayn once accomplished with ease, but then again, Harry’s baritone voice was never meant for that particular part.

Harry isn’t the only one faced with the difficult task of replacing Zayn’s strong vocal abilities. E! Online reports that both Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson have recently taken over Zayn’s solos, but with such a quick departure, there are still a lot of things for the remaining boys to iron out.

Meanwhile, aside from a recent Sun interview and a few spotted outings, Zayn seems to be doing just what he intended by keeping a low profile. Yet, one of his outings included going to a recording studio, which created numerous speculations that Zayn is already starting on a solo project.

Zayn himself hinted at going solo, yet there is no indication of when fans can expect an album. However, he’s currently signed as an individual artist under Simon Cowell’s label, Syco.

With the recent uproar of Zayn’s unexpected departure, it almost seems as if the other boys are put on the back burner. Yet, the remaining four keep trekking on, hoping to give fans an extraordinary concert experience, despite Zayn’s departure. At this week’s concert in Johannesburg, South Africa, Harry expressed his gratitude to the fans who believe in them.

“You have no idea how much we love you right now.”

[Photo Courtesy of Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images]