Tissue Alert: Women Sings Touching Lullaby To Heal Her Sick Piglet [Video]

Poor Bentley the piglet has been in a veterinary hospital for over a month with what is believed to be meningitis, according to the Huffington Post. The illness has left him blind. But he will never be alone as long as his human “mom” is around.

Corinne DiLorenzo is an animal advocate and animal lover. She founded the Illinois-based EARTH Animal Sanctuary. She visits Bentley most days and will do so until he recovers. As his adoptive mom, she really shows she loves him by singing an old Irish lullaby to him that she sang to her own son when he was, pardon the expression, a babe. She sings the “Connemera Cradle Song” to the piglet to help heal tiny 14-pound, nine-month-old Bentley.

With her trained opera-singer voice, she tenderly croons the song to the ill Bentley, according to Poems United. A video link of her singing to Bentley can be found here.

DiLorenso has slightly changed the lyrics of the original tune to fit the current situation. She states the following regarding how we see animals.

“We need to start changing the way we view animals.”

Bentley the Adorable Piglet

Her sanctuary is mainly for animals others have cast away–the unadoptables. Her large menagerie includes nine more pigs, three goats, three turkeys, 10-odd hens, a few dozen roosters, two peacocks, a small gang of geese, and one goose named Honkey. DiLorenzo said that Honkey bosses around the other animals, but she noted that, unlike some humans, the varied species peacefully coexist, about which DiLorenzo said the following, according to the Huffington Post.

“I think humans can learn so much from that.”

At first, Corinne was going to adopt Bentley out, but then he and Percy, a 10-year-old pig, fell in love. So she decided that Bentley has found his permanent home with her and, when he recovers, will join Percy and her inside her house. He will join two more pigs, three dogs, about a dozen rabbits, three turtles, a bearded dragon, and a chinchilla, who also reside there. Until then, the bond is so strong between Bentley and Percy that Percy is searching for where the young piglet has gone, and looks worried, and is apparently accusing DiLorenzo of abandoning Bentley. She said the following.

“He [Percy] kept looking at me accusingly, like I had done something terrible to Bentley. He would check around the house for him and was sad when he wasn’t there.”

It’s not clear whether Bentley was abused before arriving at the sanctuary. But other animals have been abused, and shelters help them. A poor kitten was horrifically abused, with its circulation cut off by electrical tape. Another admirable rescue group, the Regina Humane Society, took the waif–naming him Bruce Almighty–in, giving him needed medical treatment and raising needed funds with a GoFundMe account, according to the Inquisitr.

[Video link and Photos Courtesy The Huffington Post]

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