‘SongPop’ Rocks On With iOS Exclusive Spin-Off

The popular name-that-song app, SongPop, is getting a rock ‘n roll successor exclusively on iOS devices. The spin-off, titled “Rock On — A SongPop Adventure,” includes over 3,000 rock songs and hits the Apple App Store on April 2, 2015.

FreshPlanet, mobile developer and creator of SongPop, has taken the basic premise of naming a song from a sound clip and has tuned it to the specific genre and culture of rock music. The development team is using Apple’s new Swift coding language behind the scenes to make this musical dream a reality. FreshPlanet CEO Mathieu Nouzareth has stated in a recent press release statement the mobile game is an all-ages experience, true to the musical legacy of rock ‘n roll.

“We’re proud to give players the chance to test their knowledge of rock history while listening to the tracks of the genre’s greatest legends. With Rock On, we’ve created an immersive rock environment that merges trivia and music that fans of any age can enjoy.”

Unlike the social multiplayer experience of SongPop, Rock On is a single-player adventure in which the player tests his or her music recognition abilities and rock music history knowledge while traveling to varying venues that include concerts and rowdy after-parties. On a quest to become a “Rock Legend,” the player is tested on multiple genres of rock music that include Classic Rock, Heavy Metal, Indie Rock, Punk Rock, and more.

At launch, over 80 levels of gameplay are planned. Players can enjoy Rock On through one of four gameplay modes. “Arcade” mode is a race the clock, timed-trivia gameplay mode. “Mic Check” gives players 10 questions to answer and they have to answer at least five of the 10 correctly to proceed to the next level. “Opener” is a quickfire trivia challenge, and “Sudden Death” is an endless trivia mode that continues until the player answers a question incorrectly. Entwined with the trivia-based gameplay are the adventure elements, including cool cat characters.

Although the game is a single-player adventure, Facebook connectivity allows each player to display his or her game progress on the “road to stardom.” Viewing a social map of in-game progress serves as a kind of leaderboard, allowing players to compare their own progress against that of their rockstar peers.

Rock On — A SongPop Adventure debuts exclusively on iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch as a free download with optional in-app purchases.

[Images courtesy FreshPlanet]