Hannah Sue Kennish: 13-Year Old Girl Missing From Henry County, Missouri Home Hasn’t Been Found

Hannah Sue Kennish, a 13-year old teen is missing from her home in Henry County, Missouri. Police have been investigating the case since Sunday morning, but the young teenaged girl still has not been found. Now, they are asking for the public’s help in finding the missing girl who has disappeared without a trace. ***Update: Hannah Sue Kennish was found safe in New Mexico.

The Henry County Sheriff’s Department became aware of the missing person’s case after receiving a frantic call from Hannah Sue Kennish’s mother informing them that her daughter was missing. When police arrived at the home, Amy Kennish told them that she last saw her daughter in her room lying in bed at around 8 a.m. on Sunday, March 29. About 2 hours later, she went back to check on Hannah Sue and discovered that she was not in her bedroom.

Hannah Sue Kennish is a teen who is "full of life."

As she searched the home, it was discovered that the back door of the house was open, and Hannah Sue Kennish had disappeared.

Investigators have not speculated on whether this is a kidnapping or a runaway case. Hannah Sue Kennish’s mother is also baffled by her girl’s disappearance. In an interview with KMBC, Kennish’s mother stated that just the day before the family enjoyed a good wholesome time together in Kansas City—near the Westport area, where they enjoyed a day of shopping and dinner at one of the eateries.

Upon arriving at home, Amy Kennish worked late and Hannah Sue Kennish went to bed. Now, her mother cannot understand what has happened to her baby. She told reporters that Hannah Sue Kennish was a good student who was full of life. In tears, she also stated that Hannah attended a Christian school and was an amazing swimmer.

Law enforcement officials are doing everything possible to locate Hannah. A Facebook page entitled Bring Hannah Home has also been established to spread the word, and the hashtag #bringhannahhome is also being used on social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook.

Here is a brief timeline in the case.

March 28:
Saturday Morning: The family enjoys an outing in Kansas City and Westport area.
Saturday Evening: Amy Kennish works late. Hannah Sue Kennish retires to her bedroom.

March 29:
Sunday Morning: At 8 a.m., Amy Kennish sees her daughter in her bedroom. She is still in bed.
Sunday Morning: At 10: a.m., she peeks into her daughter’s bedroom for the second time. She is not there, and a back door to the residence is open. 911 is called and a missing person’s report is filed.

Police have offered the following description of Hannah Sue Kennish, according to 921 News.

“Hannah is a white, female, 5’2”, 130 lbs., with brown hair and blue eyes. She is believed to be wearing a coral-colored (light orange) short-sleeved shirt with the word “LOVE” in black letters on the chest, coral-colored (light orange) “capri”-styled pants with word “FAITH” in white letters on the rear and gray, “ballet”-styled, flat slippers. She may also have with her a purple, “North Face” hoodie.”

Anyone with information should contact police at 660-885-5587 or 816-622-0800. Out of state callers can call their local 911 service and asked to be transferred to Henry County, Missouri.

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