Harrison Ford Released From Hospital, Spotted Driving While Likely Still In Therapy

Harrison Ford was released from the hospital, according to People magazine, and the magazine’s source said Ford was subsequently spotted driving in downtown Los Angeles on Saturday.

People’s sources say Ford is now resting comfortably with his wife, Calista Flockhart, at his side after having spent just over three weeks at University of California at Los Angeles hospital recovering from multiple injuries, which he suffered when he crashed his vintage World War II-era plane on March 5.

On March 5, Ford took his vintage World War II plane, a Ryan Aeronautical ST3KR, out by himself, which was common for the 72-year-old Indiana Jones star to do.

According to the Inquisitr, it wasn’t long before Ford realized his single engine plane was experiencing engine failure.

The recording made of Ford during his flight shows that he signaled to the Santa Monica Airport that he was having problems, and he requested an emergency landing within two minutes of takeoff.

Harrison Ford Crashes Plane
Harrison Fords plane after crashing it into a Venice Golf Course. Photo Credit: Rich Polk/Getty Images

When Ford knew he couldn’t make it back to the airport, he was able to set the plane down at the Penmar Golf Course in Venice, California, while only clipping some trees in the process, about 800 feet from the runway, according to the NTSB report on the crash via the Huffington Post.

Ford was indeed the only person injured in the crash, and although Ford was the only person in the plane when it crashed, the recording further illustrates that his extensive flying experience likely saved his and others’ lives on the ground, according to the Independent.

The non-life threatening injuries that left the 72-year-old Indiana Jones star in critical condition at UCLA included a broken ankle, broken pelvis, and a head wound, according to KTLE. Though non-life threatening, Ford did undergo surgery for both the broken ankle and pelvis, according to KTLE.

People states that although Ford is resting at home, he will likely undergo therapy for his broken bones to help further his recovery efforts.

According to Dr. Beny Charchian, a doctor who hasn’t treated Ford but explained the therapy via People, some of the recovery efforts will likely include “stabilization exercises and gait training.”

Dr. Charchian, the Beverly Hills Joint and Spine Institute founder, said that the exercises are designed to get patients moving again. Essentially, the therapy helps the patients learn how to walk while learning to minimize any pain they are feeling at the same time.

Because Ford did have surgery to repair the injuries, his recovery time could be anywhere from six to 12 weeks or longer, especially with having more than one broken bone, according to Dr. Charchian.

Ford will likely make a full recovery, according to the magazine. This is good news for the actor, as he has some commitments to attend to, according to E! Online.

This includes narrating Living in the Age of Airplanes, a documentary from National Geographic filmed in 2014, which is supposed to hit the big screen on April 10.

[Photo Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images, Rich Polk/Getty Images]