Video Shows Drunk Driver Causing Head-On Collision After Patrons Tried To Stop Him, ‘I’m Drunk Bro’

A horrifying video shows a drunk man entering his vehicle after patrons claim they tried to stop the intoxicated man from driving. The man refused to listen and got behind the wheel anyway. People in the restaurant watched in horror as the man pulled out of the parking lot into oncoming traffic. One patron, Ryan Taylor, caught the entire ordeal on cell phone video while someone in the background could be heard calling the police. However, the drunk man only made it about 100 feet before crashing head-on into another vehicle, and it was all captured on tape.

The Daily Mail reports that 43-year-old Samuel Salas got behind the wheel of his vehicle with another woman after patrons in the bar told him he was too drunk to drive. Despite the protest of other bar-goers, Salas proceeded to leave the establishment and make his way out of the parking lot. Those inside the bar were concerned about the man’s ability to drive, so Taylor began recording with his cell phone as the intoxicated man drove away.

In the background of the video, you can hear what sounds like someone calling the police about the drunk driver. However, before law enforcement would have a chance to make it to the location, Salas would exit the parking lot and drive almost directly into oncoming traffic. The horrified Taylor, along with others from the bar, run out into the street to help the victims of the crash.

One woman is taken from the car in a fit of tears while the woman, who Salas refers to as his “girl,” cannot get out of the vehicle. One angry man tells the drunk what he thinks of him.

“You stupid drunk f***. I got that on f***ing camera too. You drunk f***.”

Salas replies, “I’m drunk, bro.” He then asks, “is my girl okay?” The angry patrons question why he is concerned about her well-being now instead of when he got behind the wheel. They quickly inform Salas that he will be going to jail. As police arrive, Taylor sticks around with the camera as police give Salas a sobriety test, which he fails badly. At the end of the video, you see Salas being taken away in handcuffs.

What do you think of the drunk driving video? Could more have been done to stop the drunk driver?

[Image Credit: YouTube]