Kim Kardashian New Video Leaked, She And Kanye Sue Uploader

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are out for blood after a man uploaded one of their extra-private occasions. Can he say “confidentiality infringement?”

His name is Chad Hurley. In 2013, Kim celebrated a birthday party, which contained a small gathering. Somehow, Hurley invited himself to the Kardashian event. Little did he know, Kanye West was in the building, getting ready to “pop the question” to Kim.

Interestingly enough, the man is one of the co-founders of YouTube — the original, before it was bought out in 2006 by Google. Yeah, this guy.

According to Hollywood Reporter, the man tried to upload it as a form of “promotion” for his new site, MixBit.

“Kardashian and West sued Hurley in 2013 after video of the marriage proposal popped up on MixBit, Hurley’s follow-up website to YouTube. The plaintiffs claim the posting of the footage violates the confidentiality agreement that Hurley signed to get access to the proposal party.”

Before arriving or entering Kim Kardashian’s event, the man didn’t know Kim nor Kanye personally, as it records in the official court documents from the Superior Court of the State of California — Los Angeles County.

With good grace, after coming with an invited friend, they allowed him to stay as long as he agreed — “in writing” — that he wouldn’t leak the event to the public. He agreed. However, at the time of Chad’s release, Kim Kardashian and Kanye weren’t quite ready for the public to know how the proposal happened.

In the court document, it states about how the man was desperate for another big business venture. Supposedly, this new video leak was the means by which he was to accomplish such a thing.

“That Hurley did these things out of desperation is readily apparent. Despite his extraordinary financial success in creating YouTube, which was sold in 2006, Hurley has ever since sought his ‘second act’.

This has become exceedingly elusive to Hurley: in 2010, he unsuccessfully attempted to set up a Formula One racing team, which lost all of its money and was disbanded. In May 2012, Hurley formed a web service named Zeen, which also failed and has been slated for closure in 2013.

With consecutive flops on his hands, Hurley then launched MixBit, which also quickly ran into trouble. Following a lackluster launch and unsuccessful ensuing debut, Hurley sought to salvage MixBit from its dour beginnings.”

So, Kim and Kanye have been on it ever since it happened. However, the man has constantly tried to have the case dismissed. Regardless of what Kardashian and West say, he supposedly stands firm with “invalid” by lack of consideration, as mentioned by Hollywood Reporter.

It’s simply an on-going battle, it seems.

Nevertheless, what are your thoughts about the video leak case? Who do you think has a greater argument? Should it been kept for Kardashian and West‘s eyes only?

If you’d like to view Kim’s court document, it’s available online.

[Photo Credits: Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images Entertainment]