‘It Follows’ Becomes A Supernatural Horror Film Box-Office Success

If you haven’t heard, It Follows is making horror movie history. This is especially surprising because it is a low-budget film that opened in only four small theaters in New York and Los Angeles on Friday, March 13. However, the demand for it was enough for It Follows to be released in 1,200 theaters on March 27. It ranked fifth among all movies and has made $4.8 million. It Follows has already more than doubled what it cost to make the film, according to USA Today. It Follows is predicted to be one of the highest grossing-movies in its category.

Even though there is heavy competition in the horror movie genre, It Follows has been highly attended in movie theaters during the short time since its release. It Follows fell far below the R-rated movie, Get Hard, starring Kevin Hart this weekend that made $34 million. However, for It Follows to have done as well as it did is good news for writer-director David Robert Mitchell. Forbes reported that movie critics say It Follows is a pretty good movie. In fact, Mitchell says he would consider making a sequel sometimes in the future.

Rentrak media analyst Paul Dergarabedian acknowledges that horror movies such as It Follows are not only cheap to make, but they are also poorly reviewed and are not heavily attended after their second weekend in theaters.

It Follows was made in 2014, and is categorized as a supernatural horror film. The main character is Maika Monroe, who plays a 21-year-old college student named Jay. After having a sexual experience with her boyfriend, she is followed by a supernatural force. Jay can’t escape the supernatural force because it follows her wherever she goes. It shows up in different forms, such as in her friends. The only way Jay can get rid of the supernatural force is to pass it along to someone else through sex. If that person dies, Jay becomes the recipient of the supernatural force again.

It Follows is an appropriate name for Mitchell’s recent supernatural horror film. Even though the movie is fictional, Mitchell admits he came up with the idea because of recurring dreams he had when he was younger. In his dreams, he was always being followed.

Do you plan to see It Follows while it is in your local theater? If so, watch for the way Mitchell used wide-angle lenses to make the movie seem real while Jay is being followed.

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