Hugo Chavez Goes Under the Knife… Again

Looks like Hugo Chavez isn’t as cancer-free as he once thought (last year). The Venezuelan President announced today that he’s in for some more surgery after doctors in Cuba found a new lesion in the same place that he had a tumor removed just last year.

Thus far, the announcement has proven to have far-reaching implications for Venezuelan politics, which are again being thrown into uncertainty over the health of Chavez. The 57-year-old socialist leader is looking to be re-elected this year, ideally lengthening his already 13 year power-trip with a brand-new-out-of-box 6 year term.

“It is a small lesion of about (an inch) in diameter, very clearly visible,” Chavez told state television.

He did not say when or where he would have the procedure done, other than saying it would take place “in the coming days.” He is planning on meeting with his inner circle and is expected to provide more details after his Cabinet meets tomorrow. Last year, between July and December, Chavez went through four rounds of chemo, both in Cuba and Venezuela, after which he announced to the world that tests showed he was cancer-free. Well, if American leaders would stop giving him cancer, maybe he would be, right? Just click the link, that joke will make more sense soon.

After a long career of controversial politics and arrogant commentary on the part of Chavez, I’m honestly not really that upset by this. And I’m a people person.

What about you? You kind of hoping he doesn’t wake up? (and, can I say that?)

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