As Passover Season Approaches, ‘Uptown Funk’ Parodies Abound

In January, Mark Ronson released his album, Uptown Special, that included the hit song ‘Uptown Funk.’ With vocals by singer Bruno Mars and a catchy dance tune, ‘Uptown Funk’ quickly became a hit. It spent 12 weeks at number one on the Hot 100 Billboard chart and became one of the fastest selling singles of all time, reported the Independent. It sold over one million copies.

Along the way, it spawned a wide variety of parodies, including “Dark Lord Funk.” In this parody from the Harry Potter Series, evil Lord Voldemort, joined by his minions as back up dancers, sings about getting down with the Dark Arts.

Other parodies of ‘Uptown Funk’ include ‘Suburban Funk,’ a parody created by Deva Delaporte, a mom who has social channels on YouTube, Pinterest, and a page on Facebook under the pseudonym MyLifeSuckers. A parody even appeared with a treadmill dance.

Just when listeners thought that the ‘Uptown Funk’ parodies were over, the time for Passover rolled around. Six13, a Jewish a cappella group, decided to release their version of “Uptown Funk” called “Uptown Passover,” Yahoo News reports. Mordy Weinstein, a member of the group who helped to create the new lyrics, said the following in Newsweek.

“The song choice was kind of a no-brainer. We’ve been listening to it nonstop. It’s the most popular song on radio and has been for awhile.”

Previously, the groups had created a parody called “Chozen,” a take on the music from the movie Frozen. Other parodies sung by the group included a parody for Hanukkah of Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.” Six13 had a goal in mind when they decided to offer their song versions.

“The goal of the videos along with the goal of the group in general is to find ways to connect more Jews with Judaism, with their heritage, in a way that’s joyous and relatable and accessible.”

In creating the “Uptown Funk” parody, Six13 wanted to connect their listeners with the Exodus story from the Old Testament. The story is about the exodus of the Israelites out of Egypt. Led by Moses and his brother Aaron, they left slavery behind to journey to the Promised Land.

Some words from the parody include the following.

“This is that age old
Passover tale that’s retold
This is what we listen to
While eatin’ through those matzo pieces
Climbin’, tilin’
Buildin’ Egyptian cities
We worked hard but prayed to G-d
And He freed us all, so get ready.”

So did you like this new parody of the hit song ‘Uptown Funk?” What was your favorite parody of this song?

[Photo Credit: Huffington Post]

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