Nude Grandma Calendar: Assisted Living Ladies Show Some Skin To Benefit Children’s Charity

A nude grandma calendar is making news after a group of Ohio women in their 80s and 90s got together and posed for some photos. The women reside at Pleasant Pointe Assisted Living. These ladies aren’t shy when it comes to helping a good cause. So, why not have a lot of assisted living women become eye candy?

According to, the nude grandma calendar will benefit a cause, donating shoes to children in need.

An 88-year-old woman poses as Miss March. Velda Vogt is wearing a green top hat and not much else left to the imagination. Two centerfolds — Wilma Purvis, 94, and Norma Elfrink, 91 — are featured playing poker with “strategically placed oversize cards.”

Dottie Rutter, 87, sits in a luxurious bubble bath surrounded by flower petals and calendars. On a chair behind her lays some chocolates and red lingerie. Another woman holds a large exercise ball as she poses in front of workout equipment.

Akron Beacon Journal explores more about the nude assisted living calendar.

The calendars sell for $12. Funds for them are donated to Magic City Kiwanis for the Esther Ryan Shoe Fund for children attending schools in the district.

“The residents were very excited to be a part of this calendar,” spokesperson Michelle Clapper says.

Clapper says both the men and women were eager to participate in the calendar project.

Pleasant Pointe Administrator Teresa Morris was all for her residents to make this nude grandma calendar. It was good for the women to do something fun and do something other than sit around.

“That morning of the shoot … the residents were like 20-year-olds — giggling, and having the time of their lives. I do not believe the elderly should just sit around staring at each other. I want a fun environment where I challenge them and they challenge. I love supporting their independence and will go above and beyond for each of them.”

It’s noted in the report that Miss January, Maxine Garden, recently passed away at the age of 98.

If you’d like to purchase one of these special calendars, call 330-848-5028.

To see a few of the photos contained in the Assisted Living Pleasant Pointe, Pleasant View calendar, click here.

This isn’t the first time older people have had real success raising funds for a charity by posing in nude calendars, as USA Today revealed. In 2003, a group of men in Junction City, Oregon, raised a lot of money that went towards the Junction City School District. Their effort was featured on major network morning programs.

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