Hen-Pecked Husband Claims His Wife Is Nagging Him About His Slippers Even Though She’s Dead

A 79-year-old man whose wife passed away last May is claiming that she is still nagging him about his slippers, and lots of other things, from beyond the grave.

While Ted Wiseman from the West Midlands in England admits that he was hen-pecked by his beloved wife Yvonne for many years, he is convinced that she is still nagging him, a claim confirmed by a medium who Ted went to see.

He spoke to reporters about the blunt and frank messages the clairvoyant had from him, from his dead wife claiming she told him, “You’re wearing my slippers – take them off NOW.”

To Ted’s mind, he is haunted by his wife, literally, as he claims he was recently awoken in the dead of the night by her bellowing, “Stop bloody sniffing!”

As Ted told reporters, “I was absolutely gobsmacked. That was her. That was exactly what she used to say. She also got very irritated when I flicked my fingers or sucked my teeth. When she went off on one, she went blood-red, but she never held a grudge,” he said.

Nevertheless, Ted spoke sort of fondly of his deceased wife saying, “She was the gaffer. If you did something wrong, she’d let you know,” adding, “I gave in because I never won.”

In speaking about Yvonne, who was a care home worker in her life and was married to Ted for 46 years, the haunted husband said, “She was a workaholic She liked everything spick and span and I’ve kept things that way. She was witty and everything we did, we did together.”

Ted told reporters that he is convinced that the ghost of Yvonne haunts his family home, as he claims she roams around turning off lights and returning items to their correct place.

As Ted said about his new-found belief in the hereafter, “I was a sceptic, I’m not now. Believe you me, I’m seeing it. It’s happening in front of me.”

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