Rekindling Of A Royal Romance? Prince Harry Seen At London Theater In Support of Ex, Cressida Bonas’, Performance

In a wonderful expression of friendship, Prince Harry was seen at the London Oratory Theater Wednesday night in support of ex girlfriend Cressida Bonas’s performance as Cecily Cardew in Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest. Since their split in 2014, the pair have remained good friends, and the royal sighting only inflamed rumors that the once twosome may be on the verge of reconnecting.

Yet, as Us Weekly reports, the popular couple are just friends, and have no intention on being anything more.

“They’re not back together or getting back together. Him going to the Importance of Being Earnest was him supporting someone who has been an important part of his life,” the insider says. “They both still talk and support each other’s work.”

Prince Harry was one of the first to see the lovely Bonas in her leading role. The pair had dated for two years before calling it quits, and have been working on their respective careers ever since. Bonas can not only been see on stage, but also in the upcoming Weinstein Company’s movie, Tulip Fever, along side Judi Dench. She has even hinted at calling Hollywood home in the not too distant future should her acting career continue to blossom.

In January, Bonas told Yahoo! News that “I’m hoping to get some sunshine, but I think that’s it,” she said to Yahoo! in January, during a short visit at the time. “But hopefully — hopefully I’ll have reasons to come back to Los Angeles soon. Then I can stay for a good long time.”

While Bonas’ acting career is beginning, Prince Harry’s role of military serviceman is about to end. As the Daily Mail reports, the prince described his decision to leave active duty as being “really tough,” but that he was excited about starting a new chapter in his life. Prince Harry is going to follow in the footsteps of his mother, Princess Diana of Wales, and participate in a number of charitable events during his second “gap” year.

As reported by the Inquisitr, the prince will be heading to Australia to work with the Australian Defense Force April through May, and then head back home to the U.K. Prince Harry’s official retirement date from the armed services in June of 2015.

Prince Harry served two tours in Afghanistan, and spent over a decade representing the British Army. He was quoted saying that “the experiences I have had over the last 10 years will stay with me for the rest of my life. For that I will always be hugely grateful.”