WWE Opinion: WrestleMania Is WWE’s Biggest Day, Now Treat It That Way

Today is the biggest day in WWE’s grueling schedule. WrestleMania is known as the “Granddaddy of Them All” and the “Showcase of the Immortals,” but to everyone around the world, it’s simply known as WrestleMania.

The illustrious show is the end-result of every wrestler’s dream. All they want to do is reach the pinnacle of the wrestling industry, WWE’s WrestleMania. From dawn till dusk, each WWE superstar and member of the WWE Universe is full of smiles. There is no heartache on the greatest day in wrestling. With the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony that takes place the night before, nostalgia is in the air.

WrestleMania is supposed to be a day of rejoicing by every wrestling fan. This is a day where the “smart mark” hats need to be taken off and truly indulge in the WWE’s grandest stage. At Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California, men and women will sacrifice their bodies at the betterment of entertainment. Sacrifice is their moniker.

WrestleMania Axxess

Just look at the cacophony of WWE fans that gather around for one time a year to enjoy wrestling at its finest. None of them are worrying about how many Twitter followers they will receive with one snarky tweet. Don’t forget; that tweet will consist of a CM Punk reference and the admittance of Chris Benoit in the WWE Hall of Fame.

People like that were the ones who were chanting, “WHAT?!” last night at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony. Sometimes, idolizing Stone Cold Steve Austin is a great thing on WWE Monday Night Raw or WWE Smackdown, but the WWE Hall of Fame is not the place for that. Like Max Landis said, not all wrestling is great. Most of it is horrible.

When wrestling is great, it is absolutely mesmerizing. Remember when Shawn Michaels hit the “sweet chin music” on Ric Flair at WrestleMania 25? Before he hit, Michaels told Flair that he loved him. That was real.

This year at WrestleMania 31, Sting and Triple H will finally do battle. The Undertaker will return to face Bray Wyatt. John Cena will put the U.S.A. on his side and take on Rusev for the United States championship. Brock Lesnar has the opportunity to put Roman Reigns in his place and retain the WWE World Heavyweight championship.

Lastly, the Intercontinental Championship will be defended in a seven-man ladder match. There are other matches on the card that will excite as well. WWE fans are already marking their predictions for the event. Everything about this year’s WrestleMania screams anticipation. Most of the matches on the docket have the potential to steal the show.

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Like I do every year, I challenge you to put down the cell phone, gather around your friends and watch WWE’s presentation of WrestleMania. There will be over 70,000 people at Levi’s Stadium who all paid great money to be there. All of them are wrestling fans. Before you jump to Twitter and Facebook to complain about a match or booking decision, remember what night it is.

WrestleMania is the WWE’s Christmas, birthday and New Year’s Day rolled into one gigantic ball of excitement. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show. This is the day where WWE fans should come together and watch the product they love.

WrestleMania is WWE’s biggest day. Now, treat it that way.

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