Young Mom Blames Post-Natal Depression For Frenzied Hammer Attack On Partner

A young mom who attacked her partner with a hammer and knife said that the frenzied attack was caused by post-natal depression following the birth of her third son.

When 26-year-old Antonio Fox awoke in a police cell, she said she had no idea why she was there, nor any recollection of the attack on 28-year-old Simon Taylor.

As the accused mom told reporters about the incident.

“I’m quite a strong person but I didn’t realise the pressure I was under and eventually I cracked because I didn’t ask for help. I had mentioned to a health visitor I was feeling down but I think she failed to spot the signs I was seriously ­depressed rather than just having a bad day. I didn’t ask for help because I was frightened – terrified they would take my kids off me.”

While Antonia was okay following the birth of her first son Elliott back in 2009, as well as her second son, Sebastian, born in 2012, life was tough for the new mother when he was diagnosed with Gastroschisis, a condition where a baby’s intestines are stuck on the outside of its belly,

As she shared, “He was so poorly that he couldn’t come home for months. I’d lost a son previously at 22 weeks pregnant and all those emotions came rushing back and there was a lot of stress and depression.”

When her second son was just a few months old, Antonia found out she was pregnant again and that news apparently sparked arguments between her and her partner. “I didn’t ask for any help and plodded along – Simon and I were bickering and arguing,” she said.

She added, “What I didn’t realise was that Simon was also struggling. We’d gone from ­being ­incredibly happy to having a poorly baby and another on the way. It was a lot to deal with but neither of us actually said we were both suffering. I felt lost.”

When her third son, Harry, was born in the summer of 2013, Antonia’s depression got worse.

“I’d been on a night out because it was a friend’s birthday. I felt fat and hideous and felt like I didn’t fit in. I knew I was pretty drunk. I went home and Simon was upset because it was half past four in the morning. We started arguing and I don’t remember anything else except I woke up in a police cell and thought, ‘Where am I, why am I here?’ I don’t remember a thing and I’ve spoken to a counsellor since who has said I have blocked the incident out.”

Fortunately, the couple have managed to put the past behind them and despite everything, are due to marry in July of this year. As Antonia told reporters, “We’re stronger than ever now. I’m prepared for the pregnancy this time and know what to look out for. ”

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