Pit Bull Lawsuit: Woman Will Receive $450K For Mauling

A 66-year-old woman, Lucille Fundaro, is set to receive $450K in a settlement, due to a pit bull attack from years ago. Mangled, she required surgery.

In 2013, for Lucille, it was one of those days that just went bad out-of-nowhere. While at a friendly barbecue, Fundaro happened to see a friend from across the street. Without apparent caution, she proceeded to go over to greet the friend. However, things took a turn for the worse.

While crossing, one of the neighbor’s pit bulls darted towards Lucille. There was seemingly nothing she could do to prevent the attack at that point. All Fundaro could do was try to minimize the pit bull’s attacks and fight back.

While having her arm mangled inside the pit’s mouth, the dog bit off a huge chunk of her forearm, the underside. After separating it from her arm, the pit bull dropped the piece of Lucille’s arm to the ground.

Yet, it was with that gesture that she ended up being saved. Another smaller pit came over and started to smell the meat. When both dogs were distracted with the loose flesh, she felt that was her moment to get away. At that point, she noticed that the arm’s bone was visible, according to Staten Island Live.

After the traumatic experience, Lucille was taken to the Staten Island University Hospital. There, her lawyer, Anthony L. Ameduri, says that Fundaro underwent many surgeries as well as various skin grafts due to the pit bull’s bites. However, since then, she has recovered.

Nevertheless, as far as legal issues go, she placed a suit on the property owner, Helaine DeSilva. Moreover, she placed a suit on the couple who owned the dog as well, Britney and Carlos Novoa. The woman claims as follows, mentioned by her lawyer.

“She alleged the defendants failed to control and maintain the dogs, which, according to neighbors, had vicious propensities.”

There was already an avid history of vicious activity with the attacker. Basically, the neighbors failed to get it under control before any real damage. However, in hindsight, the owner and the property owner are possibly thinking twice about their decisions. However, there is no record of hindsight statements.

What do you think about the pit bull’s attack on this elderly woman? How do you think she endured?

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