Armando ‘Pitbull’ Perez’s New Songs, SiriusXM Station, And Life In 2015

Armando “Pitbull” Perez, aka Mr. Worldwide, is still pushing his takeover agenda. Now with a new business deal with SiriusXM, he gets his own station.

Pitbull is known as the guy for party music. There’s possibly no place you can go where you won’t hear his songs playing. Armando has big dreams, and he has just taken the next necessary step in manifesting them. Pitbull’s most recent album is called Globalization. With such a title, the intent should be clear. Relevantly, Perez’s upcoming satellite radio station will also be named Globalization, according to Billboard.

It’s more-than-obvious that Pitbull’s ideas are aligning more than ever. Maybe he’s surrounded himself with a better “mastermind” group?

Whatever the case, Armando’s music is bound to continue upwards as long as his desire is as intense as it is now — or better.

If you’ve ever read Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, he talks about a “burning desire” individuals must have in order to achieve their goals. He emphasizes focusing on one thing — whatever it may be — and putting all your efforts into it in order to make it manifest.

Well, Pitbull is focusing all his efforts on being Mr. Worldwide. Everything he does in his career is toward that goal.

As can be seen from his Twitter page, he just wrapped up shows in Taipei and Hong Hong.

Even now, Armando’s on tour in Japan performing at Springroove 2015.

It’s definitely apparent that Pitbull is not just talking but is out there doing it. With so many deals under his belt, according to Billboard, this is just his first for 2015.

“It’s… Pitbull’s first major business deal for 2015, after having signed a deal last year with Endemol North America to produce original content for television and digital platforms.”

It can be deduced that success comes with drive, hard work, and a “burning desire.”

With that said, what are your thoughts about Pitbull and his concept of taking over?

[Photo Credits: Christopher Polk | Getty Images Entertainment]