Lea Michele Tones It Down For Ryan Murphy’s ‘Scream Queens’

Filming for Ryan Murphy’s Scream Queens is well under way and, if recent on-set photos tweeted by Mr. Murphy are any indication, fans of Lea Michele can expect a character unlike any of Ms. Michele’s past roles. The photo revealed Lea in an outfit that was a noticeable departure from Ms. Michele’s usual blouses and skirts, reports UPI. Looking much more casual, Lea wore a pair of jeans with a pink, purple, and blue windbreaker, as she posed with fellow Scream Queens actress Jamie Lee Curtis.

The drastic differences between her Glee character, Rachel Berry, and her new role in Murphy’s Scream Queens, hasn’t gone unnoticed by Michele herself.

“My character is so different than anything you’ve ever seen me do before. You won’t see me or Rachel Berry anywhere in there… When I went on my first day, no one even recognized me. This is like my Charlize Theron in Monster moment.”

“My character [in Scream Queens] is very different than anything you’ve ever seen me do before,” Michele revealed to ET. “So you won’t see me or Rachel Berry anywhere in there I can assure you of that.”

Lea also admitted that her new character has a wild insanity that comes across in the funniest ways. Michele received comments from the cast and crew, following the first days of filming Scream Queens, complimenting her on how well she seemed to embrace the new role.

Lea Michele wasn’t the only one spilling the beans on what fans can expect from Scream Queens. Ryan Murphy himself seems only too eager to talk about the project, which he has already described as a comedy-horror show. Murphy said that the plot of Scream Queens will focus on the “world’s meanest sorority,” as a “series of bad things” begins to draw attention to the college and its students.

“Every week, It’s really like a murder mystery. Who’s going to get knocked off? And who’s the killer? And not until the last episode do you find out who it is. And everybody has the motivation to be that killer.”

Emma Roberts in Ryan Murphy's 'Scream Queens'
Photo courtesy of Fox

Lea added that, although the horror elements are definitely present throughout the episodes, the comedic element is equally established in Scream Queens from the very beginning.

“The first two scripts are so hilarious; those are the only ones that we’ve gotten so far. They’re so funny and also really scary, so me and some of the girls Abigail and Emma, we’ve been texting each other and we’re all so excited — it’s going to be hilarious!”

Speaking of Emma Roberts, the previously released teasers reveal a rivalry between Ms. Roberts’ character and Keke Palmer.

Scream Queens, also starring Emma Roberts, Nick Jonas, and Keke Palmer, is scheduled to debut on Fox this fall.

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