Bill Clinton Becomes One Of Few Former Presidents To Have A Broadway Musical

The Clintons have reached their goal of making it back into the White House. Of course, this White House is a backdrop on an off-Broadway stage. The show, scheduled to open in April, reportedly highlights Bill Clinton’s many flaws in a humorous way.

Clinton The Musical was created by Australian brothers who, while eager to make fun of the president, also saw promise in the idea. Some memorable Bill Clinton moments covered in the play include his “baby-boomer title, national televised musicianship and of course, being impeached.”

Along with those moments America can’t forget is an intriguing character list that is sure to draw people to the theater. The characters in Clinton The Musical include Dick Morris, Newt Gingrich, Monica Lewinsky, and former Clinton special prosecutor Kenneth Starr. Each of the characters as the world remembers have their own flaws to add to the story and, most importantly, to the humor.

On a more serious note, the creators of Clinton The Musical have expressed the true importance of the production. Reportedly, Former president Clinton is a beloved figure to the American people and to the world. One creator, Paul Hodge, has stated that this admiration is due to Bill’s evident humanity.

“The thing that endeared Bill Clinton and continues to endear him to the American public is that he was a very identifiable human being. He was clearly human and he had flaws like everyone.”

The music in the production consists of both motivational songs like “A Starr Is Born,” and numbers that show Clinton’s frisky side like “Sexual Relations.” The title “Sexual Relations,” in itself, is sure to ignite controversy due to the fact that it is derived from a direct quote Bill Clinton made once his cheating allegations began.

“I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”

The musical is expected to hit a few nerves and cause a lot of laughs. Mostly, the creators hope that the familiarity of the storyline will bring a sense of warmth to the crowd. Tony Award winning director Dan Knechtges vividly describes the atmosphere of the musical.

“It really does its job of taking down America and uplifting it at the same time, in a weird sort of way.”

Knechtges has expressed that stories like that of Bill Clinton are flawed American tales that are never well-kept secrets. In his opinion, it is in the nature of modern society to seek all the dirty details of people’s lives without a single thought of privacy.

“Nothing is sacred.”

Clinton The Musical will open on April 9 at New World Stages, according to NOLA. Though many musicals involving former U.S. presidents have been made for Broadway, Bill Clinton joins a small group of former presidents whose legacies are the main subject of a Broadway musical.

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