Pharmaceutical Heiress Sued By Condo Tenants For ‘Offensive’ Levels Of Marijuana Smoke, Transients

Jacqueline Lasdon is a pharmaceutical heiress and self-proclaimed “opera singer gone rogue” who received a $2.5 million trust fund disbursement from her late grandfather, a pharmaceutical magnate. After the she received the money, she purchased a home at the upscale Onyx Condominium. However, it seems her fellow tenants are not too keen on Lasdon living in the building and are filing a lawsuit that includes abuses such as “offensive” levels of marijuana smoke coming from her unit and various “transients” entering the building to visit.

The New York Post reports that Lasdon moved into the $2 million condo after she received a $2.5 million trust fund payment following her grandfather’s passing. Jacqueline’s grandfather was pharmaceutical magnate Stanley Lasdon, who was known for his philanthropy work and role at Warner-Lambert Company.

After Jaqueline moved into the unit, the condominium board says it was “inundated” with constant complaints from other tenants. The lawsuit claims that Lasdon was responsible for a constant stream of marijuana and cigarette smoke to emanate throughout the building.

“[Board members were] inundated with complaints concerning unreasonable and offensive levels of cigarette and marijuana smoke emanating from the unit into the condominium’s common areas, residential units and commercial unit.”

There were also complaints about a high volume of “transient” persons entering the building to live in Lasdon’s condo unit. However, Jacqueline calls the claims ludicrous and says the lawsuit “frazzled” her as she says she had not heard of any of the problems until the lawsuit was filed. Lasdon says that she thought the issue of smoke was resolved when she stopped smoking in the condo after an upstairs neighbor complained to her. However, she says she definitely doesn’t smoke pot in the condo and hasn’t smoked in the unit for months.

As for the charges of transients entering the home, Lasdon says the same two friends frequent her home, and that she never has parties. She says she is shocked by the claims because she doesn’t even talk to any of the other residents. Though Lasdon claims to be clueless of the situation at hand, the Onyx Condominium board claims that they have warned Lasdon about her violations of building code on numerous occasions to no avail.

“[Lasdon] has failed and refused to enjoin, remedy or abate the excessive smoke and transient occupancy in the unit and now the building’s seeking a court order forcing her to stop her ‘intentional and unreasonable’ behavior.”

The condo board is seeking remedy of the situation along with an undisclosed sum of money and coverage of attorney fees.

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