Goldendoodle Puppy Rescues Neighbors From Flaming Home

Neighbors are grateful for a Goldendoodle’s valiant, lifesaving efforts. Without the alerts from this dog, the family could’ve burned to death.

In Saint Vital, Winnipeg, this courageous Goldendoodle saw the need to persist for its neighbors. Just before 2 a.m., on March 20, 2015, Luna — the furry heroine — began alerting her owners that something was wrong. This seemed strange for them because she generally doesn’t bark during late night, one of the owners mentioned.

According to CTV News – Winnipeg, Paige Kozak said that the Goldendoodle “almost never barks so she assumed Luna wanted to go outside.” However, a surprise awaited her as she opened the backdoor. Once opened, she saw the neighbors’ house and deck aflame.

Immediately, as she recalled, Paige called in panic to her husband that there was a house fire. Thanks to the Goldendoodle’s early warning, the Kozaks were able to notify emergency services before the flames engulfed the house. While awaiting EFS’ arrival, Kevin Kozak scaled over their two-meter-tall fence and began attempting to extinguish with water the fires on the deck.

While this was going on, the homeowners had no idea the house was burning, as they were all sleeping — husband, wife, a cat, and dog. Interestingly, the dog didn’t manage to alert the owners. It’s not reported whether their dog was still sleeping or attempting to wake them.

However, as is reported, “Luna the Goldendoodle” helped to save the day. The neighbors were thankful for her and, as an extension of gratitude, said that they want to do something special for her.

Fortunately, no one was injured during the residence fire. Everyone was rescued by emergency services before any harm could occur. Firefighters were also able to extinguish the flames before they could overtake the rest of the house. So, only the siding and deck were damaged. However, all of that is replaceable. Because of the Kozak’s persistant Goldendoodle, the neighbors were able to walk away with their irreplaceable lives.

Though it may have left them a little shaken from the experience, they realize that it could have been a lot worse. Though Luna is only a year old, this Goldendoodle seems to have the heart of a more-mature canine.

What are your thoughts about Luna’s heroic acts? Kind of brings a fresh perspective on the cliché, “everyone’s here for a reason,” no?

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