Furious Man And His Dog Argue Over Potato Skins, Hilarious Video Goes Viral [Video]

A hilarious video of a man arguing with his dog has gone viral online. The video shows the man and his Siberian Husky embroiled in a heated argument. Apparently, the man had his heart set on eating his potato skins, but the hungry dog had the same desire!

Of course, the dog couldn’t resist, so he devoured the potato skins. When the man proceeds to reprimand the dog for eating the chips, the dog isn’t having it! So, he decides to state his case. The dog begins whimpering at his owner in response to the tongue lashing! The two continue their verbal sparring match for a little more than one minute, and the video is hilarious from beginning to end!

The one-minute video, titled “Husky Shenanigans,” was uploaded to YouTube on Monday, Mar. 23. The hilarious clip has gone viral with more than two million views. Now, it is also circulating on Facebook, Twitter, Vine, and a number of other social media platforms and media/news outlets like Daily Mail and World Star Hip Hop. Although many viewers have considered the video hysterically funny, surprisingly, the video has received mixed opinions. Some viewers and social media users have actually condemned the man for yelling at his dog.

“I think that this whole escapade is a total joke (the funny kind) the dog and the man obviously love each other to bits. They are just talking to each other, no more than that.”

“I didn’t find the video hilarious. The man should have managed the husky in a correct proper tone than yelling. Wondering how would people react if the pet was a child/kid?Personally I believe, yelling and screaming creates an unstable environment in which the pet has to exist. This creates stress and anxiety in the dog. Tension builds in the dog, he/she gets frustrated and dog behavior problems surface.”

“Every husky owner knows that these dogs do not bark, they woo woo woooooooo. They chat, I chat with my husky all the time. We have woo woo competitions on who can woo woo the loudest. They are intelligent creatures, the man wasn’t abusing the dog. If the husky was upset he would have hid believe me.”

But, nevertheless, the good comments have outweighed the criticism. Due to the overwhelming social media response, the man promises to upload more hilarious, candid moments with his dog!

What do you think about the video of the man arguing with his dog? Share your thoughts.

[Image via YouTube]

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