San Francisco’s Inmate Fight Club [Video]

Recent allegations arising from a San Francisco correctional facility claim that inmates were forced to fight other inmates a la Fight Club.

San Francisco correctional deputies Scott Neu, Eugene Jones, Clifford Chiba, and Evan Staehely have all been placed on paid leave following allegations that the four deputies are responsible for facilitating a twisted fighting ring within the jail walls.

These allegations stem from numerous inmates all testifying to the occurrence of forced inmate-on-inmate fights. Daily News reports that the four deputies would repeatedly coerce inmates to fight each other using physical and sexual violence.

One inmate, Ricardo Palikiko Garcia (discussed in the above video), reported that he was forced to fight a much larger inmate on a number of occasions. The inmate Garcia was forced to fight was a man named Stanly Harris who was almost twice Garcia’s size. Although Garcia won his first two fights against the much larger Harris, Garcia would loose his third fight to Harris and would receive a savage beating in the process.

According to both Garcia and Harris, Deputy Neu took a particular interest in ensuring Harris eventually beat Garcia. Neu had apparently bet money on Harris. After the first two fights between Garcia and Harris, Neu reportedly returned to “train” Harris. During these training sessions, New forced Harris to do an excessive amount of push-ups while threatening to “take his cheeks” – an obvious euphemism for anal rape.

To add further insult to injury, the accused deputies allegedly forced other inmates to bet on the outcome of their fellow inmates’ fights. Inmates of San Francisco’s Hall of Justice reported being forced to gamble with their food rations. Food was also reportedly used as incentives for the inmates to participate in the fights. If an inmate won his fight, he was given a better set of meal rations. If an inmate refused to fight however, the deputies would allegedly spray him with mace as well as physically abuse him.

This is not the first time one of these deputies has had a set of perverted allegations brought against him. Daily News reported in the same article that according to official court records, Neu was accused of forcing a female inmate and two transgender inmates to preform sexual acts on him in 2006.

At this time, it remains to be unseen whether or not the four San Francisco deputies will be held accountable for their alleged illegal fight club.

[Image credit to The Examiner]

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