Ben Carson: I Am Not A Candidate

Creators Syndicate yesterday informed retired neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson that his column would be dropped for allegedly being a candidate for president in 2016, Politico reported yesterday. Carson has taken steps in the direction of becoming a candidate, and is widely believed to be preparing to run for president in 2016.

“In his latest column, Ben Carson talks about what he would do as an official candidate for president of the United States,” Politico quoted Creators’ managing editor David Yontz told the liberal group, Media Matters. “He ends the column by saying he wanted to communicate his thoughts as he ‘consider(s) this monumental step.’ But in the same column, he describes himself as a candidate for president. Consequently, we have decided to suspend syndication of the column, effective in about 30 days, until after he is no longer running for president, either officially or unofficially.”

Ben Carson responded by writing an open letter, published today by Breitbart News, denying that he is a candidate for president.

“On March 27, 2015, I was advised that I was being dropped as a columnist with Creators Syndicate for allegedly describing myself as a candidate for President of the United States. This was also reported in other media outlets,” Ben Carson wrote to start his open letter.

Carson further points out that his words “may not have been precise” but denies that he has announced himself as a candidate for president. But Carson has made some steps in the direction of becoming a candidate for president, which for some is as good as announcing at a candidate.

Earlier this month, Ben Carson created an exploratory committee to looking into running for president, and put a video on his web site about it, the Inquisitr reported.

“Dr. Ben Carson has taken the next step toward running for president in 2016 by creating an exploratory committee, NBC News has reported. Ben Carson placed fourth in the CPAC straw poll last week and hundreds of thousands have signed a petition demanding he run for president in 2016. In forming the committee, Dr. Carson has also released a video on his new web site announcing the effort,” the Inquisitr reported.

“I have been and am still, exploring a candidacy as a possibility,” Ben Carson wrote, “I am not a candidate. My column repeatedly said I was exploring the possibility of such a monumental action, and for now I will leave it at that.”

Ben Carson may ultimately become a candidate, or he may not, but as long as he is a possible candidate, Creators Syndicate is no longer carrying his column. Most believe that Ben Carson will soon announce his candidacy for president for the 2016 election.

[Photo of Ben Carson from Breitbart News]

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