Zayn Malik Is Not Wasting Any Time, Releasing New Music On Simon Cowell’s Label

Zayn Malik just announced his exit from boy band One Direction. He has since hinted about a solo career, and now more details have been released. Zayn Malik will release his solo music under Simon Cowell’s Syco Entertainment record label, which also has rights to One Direction’s music.

Reportedly, releasing Zayn’s new music under Syco was not an actual decision of his. Originally, One Direction signed a contract for 10 million pounds under which the band still has two albums and a greatest hits collection to complete. It is rumored that Zayn Malik is still under Syco because he has failed to fulfill his contract and now must complete it in a different way.

Simon Cowell taking on Zayn Malik as a solo artist has just about silenced statements that Malik does not have what it takes to have a successful solo career. After Nick Jonas admitted to understanding his choice, people who doubted Zayn were already second guessing themselves. But there are still a few One Direction fans who can’t forgive Zayn Malik for leaving.

@SimonCowell @zaynmalik sometime people should finish stuff they start….LIKE TOURING!…u left us on tour…sorry but i cant!

— Fool's Gold (@YourHeartMySoul) March 28, 2015

After his exit from One Direction, paparazzi began following Zayn everywhere. Photos have appeared on the web of Zayn leaving his sister’s house. Also, photos of girlfriend Perrie Edwards surfaced and social media joked that she was not smiling because of grave disappointment.

Zayn Malik leaving sister's home.
Perrie Edwards not smiling.

The news that Zayn Malik will be releasing new music came as a shock to many people. Just after his announcement about leaving the band, Zayn did an interview where he said he had plans to lay low.

“Be myself for a bit. Write and relax and chill.”

Malik is doing the exact opposite, according to theDaily Mail. The singer is reportedly already working on music with well-known producer Naughty Boy. Fans believe that the announcement of his exit from One Direction was untimely and done completely as a publicity stunt. With no statements from Malik or Cowell about their accused marketing tactics, fans are left to fill in the blanks themselves. On Twitter, most fans have made up their minds that Zayn Malik just rebranded himself with the help of Simon Cowell and Syco as well as the support of One Direction.

I told you all this whole thing was planned

— caroline (@lovestylestory) March 28, 2015

Syco Entertainment has stated that Zayn Malik’s new solo music is expected to release in 2016.

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