Prince of Monaco Bloodied Up in NYC Barfight [Video]

A grandson of the late Princess Grace of Monaco has been released form the hospital after a brief checkup. Prince Pierre Casiraghi was admitted to the hospital after a huge bar fight the prince and his entourage got into in New York City.

Details of the brawl are a bit sketchy, but from news reports it seems as if Prince Pierre Casiraghi’s entourage were partying at the Double Sevens lounge, a posh upscale lounge in New York City. Patrons said that the princes entourage was getting rowdy and making sexually obnoxious statements at some of the bar’s women.

Casiraghi reportedly clashed with the club’s former owner, Adam Hock, who was charged with eight counts of third-degree assault for the alleged attacks on the prince and his entourage, the New York Post reports.

A witness who saw the prince after the fight told the New York Post,

“Pierre’s face looked broken, with deep cuts and blood everywhere. He looked like he needed plastic surgery.”

Police told PEOPLE Magazine,

“At 2:22 a.m. Sunday police responded to a call at 63 Gansevoort Street and were met by the complainant, during which he said the defendant punched him in the face.”

Hock had been at a private table with a celebrity hairdresser and a group of models when the Prince’s entourage started shouting some sexually abusive comments. Hock told him to be quiet and after a verbal altercation the fight got physical fast.

Do you think that the Prince of Monaco, Prince Pierre Casiraghi, should also be charged for starting the fight?

Watch a news report on the incident,

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