Poo La La! Models Tricked Into Spraying Fart-Scented ‘Perfume’ Thanks To Vat19 Prank

Someone took the words “eau de toilette” far too literally when coming up with this poop-scented prank. And the models proved to be unsuspecting targets of this hilarious gag. Models often get asked to promote dubious products. Aspiring, non-established models are a bit more hungry to get a foot in the door. While it was very crappy of Vat19 to exploit this fact, it certainly wasn’t the only thing stinky about their perfume campaign.

The models arrived at the studio after being told that they were going to film a commercial promoting a brand new perfume.

“What [the models] don’t know is that we’ve swapped out the perfume… with [Liquid A**].”

If you don’t know, the product in question is pretty much a horrible fart in a spray bottle. It’s available for purchase on Amazon or at the Vat19 website this very minute. Just in case you want to try out this awful prank on your friends and family.

As for the models, they were told that the prank perfume was a cutting edge product called LA Perfume. The director told the women to exude “sexiness, lust, and power” and then the filming began. The models gave their all, right up until they took a big whiff of the product.

The reaction was both immediate and hilarious. The women began coughing and dry heaving. Behaving as if the women weren’t inhaling synthetic farts, the director asked if breathe strips or cough drops were needed.

Despite their apparent confusion and disgust, the hapless models didn’t question the poop-scented perfume or the possibility that they were being pranked. The man behind the prank got a little too close to revealing the truth when he admitted that the perfume was “steaming hot,” but the gagging brunette never caught on. Meanwhile, the blonde couldn’t contain her true feelings about the fake product.

“This smells awful!”

It’s worth noting that such negative comments (even if true) would probably anger her client and get her fired immediately. It’s yet another clue that gets lost in this smelly fog of deception.

After a few moments to collect themselves (and cough uncontrollably), the two models tried again to give the director what he’s asking for. Their efforts were comically hindered by the fact that the fart spray was aimed at a powerful fan so that the prankster could coat the women “with its essence.” Ew la la!

It’s not known whether or not the flustered young women were ever told by Vat19 that the whole thing was a prank. The aspiring models did more than star in a commercial; they became featured in a hilarious viral video. Congratulations?

[Image Credit: Vat19]

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