Teen Girl Going To Prom Alone, Refuses To Abandon Injured Prom Date

As spring approaches, high school students are dreaming of going to prom. From dinner plans to shopping for just the right dress, prom season is an exciting time for many teenagers. One young couple’s prom experience, however, has been overshadowed by a tragic event.

Alyah Mitchell and her friend, J.R., Hall planned on going to prom together since January. According to ABC News, on February 2, J.R. was involved in a serious car accident that left him laid up in the hospital with two broken vertebrae, unable to feel his arms and legs. Alyah spent a lot of time visiting J.R. in the hospital.

“For about the first month of the accident, he could not speak on his own, and he didn’t remember much. It was a pretty bad accident. He had to have surgeries on his neck. Pretty much all his normal body functions were out of whack… I have visited him when I could on the weekdays and weekends, to push him through rehab, and tried to just make him smile. I just want to be a good friend to him.”

Unwilling to give up, Hall asked Alyah if they could still plan on going to the prom together. She agreed, but unfortunately when it was time to go to prom on March 21, J.R. was still in the hospital. In an email to the Huffington Post, Mitchell states she was disappointed they wouldn’t be going to prom together.

“I was upset and wished things were different, but I was thrilled to know he was doing better and getting stronger, and that’s what matters.”

Instead of bailing on her friend and going to the prom with another date, Alyah decided to go alone. She got dressed early and decided to visit J.R. in the hospital before going to prom.

“I had talked to him about maybe coming up there just to show him what I look like all dolled up. I wanted to put a smile on his face any way possible, so I thought it would be nice to surprise him.”

The unselfishness displayed by this girl who prioritized her friend’s feelings over going to the prom is inspirational. Her visit made Hall’s night.

“It made me feel really special and she looked really good. I love her smile, she’s really sweet, and I really love her personality… There’s not a lot of people you can call a true friend.”

Since the teens go to different schools, and Hall’s recovery is going well, the young couple will have a second chance at going to the prom together on May 9 at J.R.’s school.

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