Zooey Deschanel Pregnancy: Actress Talks About Diet And More With Jimmy Kimmel

Zooey Deschanel’s pregnancy has put a new spotlight on the New Girl star. The actress announced her pregnancy in January. On Thursday night, Zooey stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live, and she shared some about her pregnancy, according to People Magazine.

Zooey started to show her baby bump last month, and Jimmy made sure to point that out first thing during his interview. The late night talk show host focused on Zooey’s pregnancy, and he asked her if she knew what the sex of her baby was already.

Zooey made it clear that she does not want to know. She and her new fiancé, Jacob Pechenik, want to wait until the baby is born to find out what it is. Zooey revealed the reason why and shared a quick anecdote about the challenge of not finding out when having an ultra sound done.

“We are going to be surprised. It’s more fun, you know? Make it into a game. You’re like, ‘Don’t tell me, don’t tell me!’ The last time the technician [said], ‘Just so you know, I always use the pronoun he — it’s just my habit.’ She set it up because we were paranoid. Most people want to find out!”

Zooey does not want to find out, but she is ready for her pregnancy to end. Being pregnant has created a challenge for the actress. Her pregnancy diet is focused on her having a healthy baby, but that means she is not able to eat or drink some of her favorite things.

She complained about her pregnancy diet to Jimmy.

“You can’t have sushi. You can’t have cheese that tastes good. You can have a little bit [of coffee] but I would have four cups a day and now I can have half a cup, which is a joke. It’s a total joke! No alcohol, I miss that – I like wine.”

Zooey has been hard at work filming episodes of New Girl in recent weeks. The series has already started production on episodes for the start of Season 5.

A Hidden Remote report stated that Fox renewed the series after a photo from the set mentioning it was for Season 5 surfaced earlier this month. However, Fox has not confirmed that the series has been renewed.

Zooey’s pregnancy was not written in for her character. Jake Johnson said to E! News that writing in her pregnancy would only cause a “weird Three Men And A Baby vibe” on the series.

Currently, the cast is working on episodes for the new season because that baby bump will only get larger in the weeks ahead. Right now, it is easily hidden by bulky clothes and creative camera angles. Zooey revealed that she has been “carrying a lot of bags awkwardly” to prevent her baby bump from showing up during production.

When Zooey filmed the winter premiere, she wore a complete body sweat suit as a part of the episode. According to People Magazine, Jess wearing that helped her hide her pregnancy from her co-stars.

“It was really comfortable, and I was pregnant at the time, but I couldn’t tell anybody, so I was happy to be wearing comfortable clothes.”

Zooey has not been trying to hide her baby bump when she is out, though. She arrived at the studio for her taping of Jimmy Kimmel wearing jeans and a striped maternity blouse, according to Glamour Magazine. She changed into a red dress for her interview.

Earlier this week, E! Online shared a photo of Zooey in a pants and a gray hoodie. The actress was on her way to work out.

It is clear from her interview with Jimmy Kimmel that she is excited about her pregnancy. 2015 has been a good year for her. According to a previous Inquisitr report, she announced her engagement in the weeks following her pregnancy announcement.

Fans of the New Girl star have not been shy on social media when it comes to their love for the actress since her Jimmy Kimmel interview.

What do you think Zooey’s pregnancy revelations?

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