‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 Finale — Have You Got Your Finale Party Organized?

With only a few short days until AMC’s The Walking Dead Season 5 finale, there are plenty of fans worrying about how it will go down. Will any fan favorites die? How will Rick’s recent outburst affect the people of Alexandria? Why are there walkers wandering around with the letter “W” carved into their forehead? And, will Morgan ever catch up with Rick again?

Another important question to ask though is, do you have your party organized yet? While die hard Walking Dead fans have spent the entire season planning this event, don’t fear because The Walking Dead is one of the easiest TV shows to prepare a finale party for! With zombies being all the rage nowadays, it is easy to grab zombie-inspired party decorations, but what about tailoring your party specifically to The Walking Dead Season 5 finale? Well, just keep reading…

Costume ideas are easy for your Walking Dead Season 5 finale party — just think dirty, tattered, and bloody and you are half way there. While it is easy enough to dress as a walker, why not put a little extra thought into it and celebrate the Season 5 finale with a Season 5 character? Considering we lost both Beth Greene and Noah this season, why not don Beth’s telltale braids or hospital scrubs? For Noah, it gets a little trickier considering he was a jeans and T-shirt kind of guy, but you could always get creative and recreate the revolving doors in which he met his demise. Other significant characters from The Walking Dead Season 5 could include Carol’s “sweet and innocent grandma” look she is currently rocking at Alexandria, Rick Grimes in all his bearded glory and the Walking Dead fallback, Daryl Dixon, complete with his iconic crossbow.

The Walking Dead Season 5 finale party ideas Carol

How about something to eat at your Walking Dead Season 5 finale party? There are plenty of quick and easy ideas based not only on Season 5, but on general zombie grossness. Why not try:

  • Meatballs, spaghetti and hot dogs as a big old messy bowl of blood and guts?
  • Vanilla pudding with a drop of black food coloring can instantly substitute for brains. Of course, just having giant tubs of chocolate pudding sitting around is an even quicker dessert idea — especially if one of your guests has come dressed as Carl
  • Change the labels on your ketchup and mustard bottles to ‘walker blood’ and ‘walker ooze’
  • Cheese in a can — just the way Michonne likes it
  • Lollypops. Because thanks to the creepy cop at Slabtown, we can no longer look at them in quite the same way again
  • Gingerbread walkers. Use red icing to decorate them and don’t worry if you break any, thanks to the body parts Daryl found last week, they will come in handy at your Walking Dead finale party
  • Meatloaf. Use onion, eggs, bacon, olives and ketchup to decorate your gruesome walker face. In fact, you could get extremely creative with this idea and mold your meatloaf into any body part you like. Can anyone say Shish ka-BOB?

The Walking Dead Season 5 finale party ideas Bob

What about something to drink? At your Walking Dead Season 5 finale party you could always make up body part punch using your favorite punch recipe. Just throw in some gummy eyeballs and body parts to complete it. Then there is the classic zombie cocktail that literally looks like floating brains. In a pinch though, any red, yellow or green soda can be used under the pretense of zombie blood or gore.

The Walking Dead Season 5 finale party ideas zombie shots

Are you planning a Walking Dead Season 5 finale party? Or will you be watching the show alone? Have you got any ideas on what is the perfect accompaniment to the Walking Dead Season 5 finale? Let us know by commenting below.

[Image Credits: AMC and MindTheBite.com]