‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 Finale Spoilers: Will Daryl Find Morgan Or The Wolves?

The Walking Dead Season 5 finale spoilers reveal that Daryl and Aaron will find something, or someone, while out on one of their recruiting trips, but will that person be a friend or foe?

Undead Walking reports that Daryl and Aaron saw a cabin with a light in it during last week’s episode, and they will go together to explore who is in that cabin, and whether or not they’ll be worthy to come back to Alexandria with the pair.

Many fans are hoping that Daryl will find Morgan, who is a favorite character among Walking Dead fans, but has also been popping up from time to time trailing Rick throughout Season 5. While Daryl doesn’t know what Morgan looks like, he probably knows a bit about Rick’s former friend. Viewers remember that Morgan is the one who saved Rick’s life in the first episode. He, along with his son Dwayne, took Rick in, explained the new world to him, and offered him friendship.

Rick and Morgan agreed to try to stay in contact through radios, but Morgan just wasn’t ready to move on yet. Meanwhile, Rick’s world got crazy after finding Carl and Lori, and everything spiraled out of control after that. A couple of seasons later, Rick went back to his old neighborhood and found a disturbed and disoriented Morgan who had lost his son and had been hording guns and ammo. Rick offered Morgan a place in his group, but he didn’t want it.

Now, it looks like Morgan is in a much better mental state, and after finding a note from Abraham that called Rick Grimes out by name, Morgan is looking for his former friend, who could be out in the woods ready to be found by Daryl.

However, Walking Dead fans shouldn’t expect a happy ending. Comic book spoilers reveal that Daryl and Aaron may also run in to the Wolves, the group of people who have been killing people and leaving a “W” on their foreheads to mark them.

The report reveals that if the episode is anything like the comics, Daryl and Aaron will see the Wolves and head back to Alexandria, but will be followed by the group where all hell will break loose.

Meanwhile, Movie Pilot reports that the internet is in an uproar, as Morgan may already be dead, killed by the Wolves, and his dismembered body already shown on last week’s episode. Hopefully, this isn’t true, but the show loves to play with viewers’ emotions, so the finale will be key in answering questions.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Daryl Dixon’s life is also in danger, as there are multiple reasons and hints that Daryl could be the next beloved character to be killed off the hit AMC show.

What are your thoughts on the latest The Walking Dead Season 5 finale spoilers?

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