‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 Finale Spoilers: Will Daryl Dixon Die?

Some fans of The Walking Dead are freaking out over spoilers that fan favorite character Daryl Dixon may die in the Season 5 finale on Sunday night, and tons of viewers are scouring the internet for news about whether or not Daryl will survive or if his name will be added to the growing list of shocking deaths on the wildly popular TV show. (Spoilers below!)

According to the Undead Walking, Daryl will be featured in a lot of scenes during the finale, but that fans can breath a sigh of relief, because Mr. Dixon will make it through the season finale and into Season 6 just fine. However, there will be blood shed during the extended 90-minute episode, and while Daryl may be safe from biting the dust, that doesn’t mean that everyone will make it out of Season 5 alive.

In fact, there are good odds that someone from the Alexandria group will say goodbye. Fans are betting that Jessie’s husband, Pete, could be the one to go, especially after last week’s intense episode where Rick and Pete got into an all out brawl over Pete’s mistreatment of his wife and children.

One member of Rick’s group will get himself into a dangerous situation. Glenn Rhee will face off with Nicholas and the altercation will involve gunplay. In fact, one of them will shoot the other one, which is always a huge concern in the new world where the dead walk among the living. Producer Gale Anne Hurd told Entertainment Weekly that there will be “sad losses” in the finale, but does that mean people or possibly the loss of safe haven Alexandria?

Hurd says that there is a division among Rick’s group and the people of Alexandria, but also among Rick’s group itself. Will some of the gang leave and others stay behind at Alexandria?

Meanwhile, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, Daryl and Aaron will find something big during their recruiting journey. Either the guys will run into Morgan, Rick’s former friend whom viewers have seen glimpses of throughout the season, or they will find the dreaded Wolves, the gang who have been murdering and carving the letter W into the foreheads of their victims.

It looks like the Wolves, along with comic book villain Neegan, may come in The Walking Dead Season 6, but for now, fans are dying to know what Morgan has been up to.

What do you think of the latest The Walking Dead Season 5 finale spoilers and the Daryl Dixon death news?

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