Prince In Legal Battle Over 'The Voice' Contestant

Prince is in hot water after working with a contestant from The Voice. Prince is being sued by Sony for "poaching The Voice contestant," according to TMZ.

Singer Judith Hill appeared on The Voice in 2013, where she got the attention of the same woman who discovered Lady Gaga. Jolene Cherry, a Sony producer, recognized the Voice contestant's talent and signed her to an exclusive deal with Sony.

But then Prince "shamelessly stole" Hill away and produced an album with the former Voice contestant.

According to Rickey, when Sony and Cherry caught wind that Hill was recording with Prince, they "warned her not to continue." Neither the Voice alum nor "Purple Rain" artist took heed.

Instead they recorded a whole album, consisting of 11 songs. They then released that album on Monday as a free Internet download.

The whole situation has Cherry and Sony understandably upset. Larry Stein, lawyer for Sony and Cherry, is going after Prince "not only for regular damages but punitive damages for underhandedness."

The former Voice contestant, though, has filed a complaint against Cherry. According to Courthouse News, Voice alum, Hill, said that Cherry "planted a story that accused her of writing a love song to North Korea's communist dictator," which caused quite some trouble for Hill.

Hill also says that her contract with Cherry was null and void.

The Voice alum said that she was told by Cherry "you can take all your tracks and go pending whatever outcome is the final one here," referring to some troubles Cherry was having with Sony.

Hill's one time producer then said that she was "sick of the music business and all of its trash" before disappearing and leaving the Voice alum to fend for herself.

But now, it is clear that Cherry is back and ready to fight for "control over Hill's contract" even if that means taking the musical icon, Prince, to court.

Before causing all of this musical drama, the former Voice contestant performed as a back up singer for the Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Josh Groban and even Elton John. Hill then appeared on the fourth season of The Voice before being eliminated in the eighth round.

Since leaving The Voice, Hill has toured with both Josh Groban and John Legend before releasing Back in Time with Prince.

[Photo Courtesy of TMZ]