Apple CEO Tim Cook Does Not Approve Of Indiana’s New Anti-Gay Law

Apple CEO Tim Cook is joining in on a long list of celebs, activists, and execs to take a stand opposing Indiana’s new anti-gay bill. Indiana’s Governor Pence signed SB 101 into law on Thursday, disappointing many, including gay activist George Takei, who is asking the people to boycott the state.

Governor Pence signed the bill into law on Thursday. The law also went by the name “Religious Freedom Bill” and allows businesses to discriminate against LGBT workers and patrons due to the proprietors’ religious beliefs.

Tim Cook, who came out as gay back on October, is thoroughly disappointed that a state would take this course of action. He has been an advocate for LGBT equality in the work place for many years.

Tim Cook wants the world to know that Apple is a company for everyone.

The H.B. 1228 in the first tweet refers to the bill that Arkansas senate passed earlier today. Like Indiana’s anti-gay bill, H.B. 1228 will allow Arkansas businesses to discriminate against the LGBT community. According to the Human Rights Campaign, Apple expressed concerns about the many proposed discriminatory laws.

“Earlier this year, Apple announced their concerns that H.B. 1228, and other discriminatory laws, would undermine existing civil rights law and deeply harm the business climate in states where they are passed.”

The HRC reports that there have been more than 85 anti-gay bills introduced to 28 different legislatures. The good news is that 34 for of those bills have already been shot down in nine states — either voted down by the senates or they did not meet legislative deadlines. Sadly, two were passed — the one in Indiana that was signed into law yesterday, and the one in Arkansas.

Many believe that, if the anti-gay bill were signed into law, the state of Arkansas would lose valuable business. This is a real possibility, as profit-producing companies, such as GenCon of Indiana, threaten to pull out of the state. Others are refusing to buy goods or services from the state, and even suggest that no one should visit Indiana as well. There goes the tourists.

Laws have been put into place for everyone to live freely — meaning free of discrimination. However, now laws are being made that grants just that. Hence, the outpouring of disapproval from many equality activists.

How do you feel about the passing of the anti-gay bill in Indiana? Are you, like Tim Cook, disappointed that a state would do this?

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