Daddy’s Beer: Man’s Not-So-Enthusiastic Response To Finding Out His Wife Is Pregnant Goes Viral

Kelsey Cocklin found out she was unexpectedly pregnant and decided to use some craft beer bottles to break the news to her unsuspecting husband. Kelsey replaced the labels of the beer bottles with new ones that read, “Daddy’s Beer, Oops.” However, the new daddy’s reaction was a little less enthusiastic than one would expect and it was all caught on video.

Buzzfeed notes that father-to-be Jordan Cocklin was not expecting to be expecting. In fact, he was downright shocked when his wife Kelsey surprised him with a pregnancy announcement via beer bottles. In the viral video, Jordan can be seen opening a refrigerator. He looks into the fridge and sees some strange looking beer bottles. He questions, “What is this? Daddy’s Beer? Oops?” After he reads the words and realizes the meaning his face shifts to a look of shock or disappointed and says, “Oh. For real?” Kelsey can be heard in the background giggling slightly before saying, “yeah” and the camera quickly turns off.

Despite his seemingly unenthusiastic response, Jordan says he is very excited about being a father. He says his response was simply out of initial shock.

“(It was) pure shock at first but as soon as she turned that off we were just ecstatic. Any new dad is going to have a original feeling of shock mine just happened to be caught on camera.”

He also assures everyone that his wife Kelsey found the whole thing “hysterical” and so they decided to upload the video to Youtube. It seems the video is a hit and since being uploaded just three days ago, the video has been viewed over 1.4 million times.

What do you think of the father-to-be’s reaction to the beer pregnancy announcement?